Intelligent control system usher in the golden growth period

The development of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry is the only way for China's manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country. At present, China's manufacturing scale has exceeded US $ 2 trillion, ranking first in the world, but it faces three major problems: (1) the manufacturing industry lacks core technology, and its innovation ability is weak; (2) the economy has high investment, high energy consumption, The development of low-output models is unsustainable; (3) The aging of the population has intensified. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the rapid development of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, and the realization of intelligent and green manufacturing are inevitable choices.

Compared with Japan's development experience, we believe that it is currently in the rapid growth period of the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry. Optimistic about the "brain and nerve" of the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry-the intelligent control system industry.

The policy support has been strengthened, and the economic benefits have gradually become prominent, which will promote the rapid development of the intelligent control system industry.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the intelligent control system was listed as the key development object of the development plan for the first time. The introduction of specific contents of the 12th Five-Year Plan this year has clearly defined the industry's development direction, and at the same time the Ministry of Finance's subsidy policy has been gradually implemented. In addition, with the decline in product prices, economic benefits have gradually become more prominent. For example, with the decline in the price of high-voltage inverter products, the investment return period has been shortened from the original 2-3 years to 1-2 years.

The market scale of intelligent control systems has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Due to different control objects, intelligent control systems are mainly divided into factory automation and process automation, of which the market scale in the field of factory automation was about 40 billion yuan in 2011. According to the obvious differences in the market share of domestic enterprises, we have obtained two growth routes for domestic enterprises in the field of factory automation: (1) benefit from energy saving and emission reduction, and the high-voltage inverter product manufacturers dominated by domestic enterprises; (2) benefit Import substitution, low-voltage inverter, PLC and servo system product manufacturers dominated by foreign companies.

Growth route one: benefit from energy saving and emission reduction, we expect the total size of the high-voltage inverter market to be about 30 billion yuan in the next 4 years, with a CAGR of about 25%. The power consumption of the motor accounts for more than 40% of the electricity consumption of the whole society, and the frequency conversion speed regulation of the motor is much higher than other methods in cost performance. It is one of the main energy-saving measures of the motor system currently used. Emissions reduction market. We believe that the growth rate of the demand for high-voltage inverters can continue to be maintained, and the room for unit price decline is limited, so the market size can continue to grow rapidly.

Growth route two: benefiting from import substitution, the growth rate of domestic enterprises will exceed the growth rate of the industry. In the low-voltage inverter, servo system, PLC and other product markets, the market share of domestic enterprises does not exceed 30%, so the development of domestic enterprises comes from the expansion of market size and the increase of market share. We believe that there are three main reasons why domestic companies can achieve import substitution: (1) the improvement of product performance has made domestic companies gradually recognized by downstream industries; (2) domestic companies have more advantages in product prices, sales and services; (3) Policy support brought by national localization strategy.

The main part of the cabinet use high-quality galvanized steel plate, with hinge built-in , three-point locking structure, and anti-theft lock cover.

The rack design is 19/21 inch standard; the cabinets` equipment installation space and each business compartment are relatively independent.

Protection class is designed according to IP65 level, with characteristics of sun-proof, rain –proof, dust-proof, pest-proof and condensation-proof. Inlet and outlet with reusable seals for waterproof cabinet. Fire cabinet rank higher than two. Materials used are fire retardant material

Thermal design takes different cooling mode such as fan, heat exchanger and air-condition in accordance with different working environment of the cabinet to achieve heat exchange within the cabinet.

It increases the function of electric heating which can set temperature threshold in accordance with operating temperature of the device.

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