Wind River Titanium Server NFV Software Debuts at SDN World Congress

• Wind River Corporation is the first to introduce the TItanium Server software platform designed for NFV (Network FuncTIon VirtualizaTIon) infrastructure.

• TItanium Server is capable of providing carrier-class high reliability (99.9999%) and has the capability to become an NFV infrastructure platform. ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) is undergoing proof of concept.

Wind River®, the world's leading provider of intelligent connected system software, recently demonstrated its NFV software platform at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The demo includes optimized Wind River Titanium Server software that runs on Intel® architecture-based COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) HP ProLiant servers. Titanium Serve allows operators to migrate their network services to the NFV architecture while maintaining high levels of telecommunications reliability. Users can configure NFV applications immediately, reducing their commercial NFV deployment and time to market.

Titanium Server was called "Telecom-Level Communication Server" in the early stage of market validation; it is now commercially available. Titanium Server technology has been selected for use in some telecom network NFV designs, including C-RAN and virtual EPC solutions. At the same time, the technology is also undergoing proof of concept for service providers.

Wind River has demonstrated several demonstrations of Titanium Server, including the highly reliable NFV use case demonstrated by ETSI in the proof of concept area. These proofs of concept also highlight the partners' solutions in the Wind River Titanium Cloud ecosystem, such as Brocade and HP. Titanium Cloud plans to provide an optimized, interoperable, and standardized solution ecosystem based on Wind River Titanium Server to accelerate time-to-market for service providers and time for telecom equipment manufacturers to deploy NFV infrastructure.

Charlie Ashton, senior director of business development at Wind River's Network Solutions, said: "As telecom networks move to NFV architecture, operators hope to save network operating expenses and accelerate the deployment of value-added services, and maintain carrier-class reliability. Inevitable requirements. Developed by telecommunications experts, Wind River Titanium Server is a ready-to-deploy, complete NFV infrastructure solution based on proven carrier-grade technology."

Kelly Herrell, Brocade Vice President and General Manager of Software Networks, said: "To cope with the development of the telecommunications industry and maintain a highly connected world, we must cooperate with suppliers to provide proven, open and scalable solutions. In order to support the well-known trend of New IP, Brocade has been working closely with industry-leading companies like Wind River to provide first-class open NFV performance. Wind River Titanium Server and Brocade Vyatta vRouter are focused on meeting industry NFV needs. Providing high-performance and interoperable network services makes it easier for operators to manage the growing dynamic workload of their networks."

Werner Schaefer, vice president of network virtualization at HP, said: "Operators require reliable, ready-to-deploy solutions that help them move their existing networks to the foundations of NFV and SDN (Software Defined Networking). On the facility. By applying Wind River Titanium Server to HP infrastructure and applying HP OpenNFV infrastructure to the solution, we can enable operators to quickly release innovative, original services to address new markets. Challenge while reducing operational and capital expenditures."

Titanium Server is an application-ready software platform that enables the NFV infrastructure to meet the telecom level required by the telecommunications network, which is 99.9999% high reliability. Platforms that use enterprise-class software typically achieve only 99.9% reliability, which can result in significant network downtime and costly service downtime. Titanium Server is designed for telecom-grade Wind River Linux, performance-optimized real-time Virtual Machine (KVM++), telecom-class performance-enhanced OpenStack® and Intel DPDK (Intel® Data Plane Development Kit, Intel Data Layer Development Tools), and acceleration vSwitch technology.

In addition, Wind River has recently become a founding member of OPNFV (Open Platform for NFV Project, NFV Project Development Platform) to ensure compatibility and consistency between Titanium Server and other NFV project development platforms developed by the Linux Foundation.

About Wind River

Wind River is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) and the world's leading provider of intelligent interconnect system software. Since 1981, Wind River has been a pioneer in computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 1 billion products have been applied by Wind River's technology. Based on world-class global professional services and technical support and a broad ecosystem of partners, Wind River offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of embedded software products. The technology and expertise provided by Wind River enables innovation and deployment of secure, stable and reliable intelligent systems.

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