Tablet PC better than Surface3, deep review Rubik's cube iwork12

Talking about the tablet, many people have only two kinds of flats in their eyes. The first is the cottage flat, the other is the non-cottage flat, the latter is Apple, Microsoft, in addition to the cottage flat, a little knowledgeable people will That is homemade cottage. Under such a large-minded environment, coupled with the inherent "flat property" of the tablet itself, it has always been viewed as low, and thanks to certain people who are not seeking truth from facts. Perhaps you are still worshipping Surface3 blindly, but you do not know that the domestic tablet cool currency Cube has launched Surface3 rival iwork12, 12 years of rubbing a sword than the Rubik's cube this time the courage of challenge comes from, Xiaobian pro test to tell the answer.

Before revealing the answer, first talk about Surface3, this cargo has been very pretty this year. 10.8-inch screen, 622g weight, 8.7mm thickness on the face value quite popular, Intel Atom × 7 processor (middle configuration) +2/64G memory +350/800 million pixels front and rear camera, priced at up to 3100 yuan In fact, the price is not too high, the main part of the brand premium is relatively high, but you know that the price is only 1599 yuan iwork12 configuration and Surface is comparable, and the system is still genuine Windows10 (Surface need to upgrade, free upgrade), you also Will you feel homemade flat cottage?

One, out of the box experience

Appreciation of the packaging Although only the 12.2-inch display, cool than the Rubik's cube iwork12 packaging is far more than 12.2 inches, world-style cover design, the first sense of feeling special.

Do not look at the box out of the box is quite large, in fact, the tablet host did not imagine large, and very thin, so the accessories should make people look forward to.

All accessories are here, an OTG line, use guide + certification + warranty card + VIP card and USB charger, is not it a bit surprised?


The double-layer cardboard liner adds a layer of sponge. The space in the entire box is six-fifths of space.
Packaging summary: seemingly giant, in fact, very few things, why do you want to do such a big package, and not manufacturers convulsions to burn money, but to prevent shock, in order to allow users to get the goods cheerfully, so Xiaobian enduring If you can't live without praise, this attitude is close enough.
Of course, Xiaobian also has suggestions, in fact, can be replaced by a drawer box design, may be able to save a lot of packaging costs, let profit to the user then accept Xiaobian worship!

Second, the host and details of appreciation

Screen vision
12.2-inch large-size IPS screen, screen property is 10 G+G capacitive screen, 1920×1200 resolution, 16:10 display ratio, and comes with MXPler video player, which has 4K decoding capability because the screen itself is IPS The material, the color performance is very good, so iwork in the visual appreciation is very pull the wind, there are wood feel that the egg is three-dimensional? In addition to the advantages of playing 4K video, the size of the screen itself makes the touch accuracy even more extreme.

The tactile sensation of the screen is derived from the advantage of a 10-point G+G capacitive screen. It does not require a stylus to be touched by a finger, and it is very wear-resistant. You can see that the screen has not been scratched or worn for more than a month. not bad.

The body thickness is given by the official data is 9.15mm, Xiaobian no precision ruler quantity, visually thicker than the Apple 6P (7.3mm) out of almost one-third, the thickness of Xiaobian used to code words to see the picture to see the video Just fine, too thin will give people the feeling of insecurity that is broken at any time. It is too thick and nobody likes it. The weight of 930g is slightly heavy, but considering the screen size, it is extenuating.

Camera front 2 million pixels + 5 million cameras in the latter, which is probably the only flaw than the Rubik's cube iwork12, for notebooks better said that the key is iwork with Android, Android users must have some regrets.

At the top of the top button, there is a power button (simultaneously switchable system), volume plus/minus button, and microphone. The white area where the button is located is made of plastic material, and the metal body is fitted with a mosaic. The purpose of this process design is not clear. But from the aesthetic appearance of the product, ivory white silver is a very good color match.

Side-by-side interface from top to bottom respectively for the headset and microphone dual-use jack, Micro USB interface, Mini HDMI interface, Micro SD card slot, USB3.0 standard interface, and home computer interface function is almost the same.

Scaffolding detail than Rubik's Cube looks like this kind of semi-shrinkage design, so the product nameplate is also set in the bracket cover, from the bracket convergence can be seen in the details are more secure.

The bracket display adjusts the angle between the screen and the desktop according to the angle between the bracket and the main body. Although the official design only two angles, it is also possible to adjust the angle of your favorite point. This experience is not bad. From the side effects can also see the two sets of speakers below the host, in fact there is also a group on the other side, a total of four groups, the volume is comparable to the notebook, and can meet the needs of listening to the movies.

In addition to the effects of the keyboard in addition to the host itself can adjust the angle, cool than the cube iwork special custom keyboard (non-standard) can also be composed of two angles, a total of four collocation effects, should be able to meet the needs of the vast majority of people, at least Xiao Bian is very satisfied.

Keyboard by the way iwork12 dedicated keyboard (fit i9 at the same time), the first feeling is thin, touch buttons found after sensitive, and comes with multi-touch function, the area outside the button and the skin contact with a fine matte feeling, feel Very good, the only trick is the back of the material is fluffy, although not very fluffy, but Xiao Bian always feel with a soft material to match the metal body, how much is not suitable.

Keyboard connection design The main body of the keyboard is connected to the middle of the row of metal contacts, plus the holes on both sides of the bite cut, not only to ensure the keyboard and the body of the data control, but also can make the body tightly bite Live the keyboard as shown above.

Although the keyboard cover material is not like Xiaobian, but from the button to the touch skin, body keyboard connection, and body buttons, Xiao Bian is still relatively satisfied, the next depends on the system.
Third, Android system experience

The first screen quick display as Android, Windows dual system iwork12, from the simple page and very little pre-installed system can see the original Andrews system, but this does not mean that iwork12 system is not easy to use, 10 points out of small Edited to 7 - 7.5 points, a little less adaptable to the application store is not much.

The game experience Xiaobian uses two games, one is a 3D motorcycle, one is a speed racing, a total of about 20 hours before and after it, fluency is very good, the only downside is that power consumption is fast.

Popular APP experience

Xiao Bian used QQ, WeChat, Weibo and the headline to do the experience, visual effects will not say, look directly at the map, 12.2-inch screen is quite shocking, of course, if you feel too tired in the hands of tired, you can directly ignore the small Editor's praise.
Secondly, for the compatibility of APP, there are no problems with the mainstream of Xiaobian's experience.

4K playback and appreciation

Cool than Rubik's cube iwork12 this time in the pre-installed software to join the MXplayer player, in addition to experience the system comes with 4K video, Xiao Bian also specifically used the LG screen 4K professional video testing, still able to play smoothly, vivid colors, the picture Touching, you can see the iwork12's screen is not bad.

Fourth, Windows10 system experience and appreciation

UI interface and interactive cool than Rubik's cube iwork12 uses the genuine Windows10 operating system, the first contact is a bit less adaptable, but it will fall in love with it after a few days, in the home page can be directly touch screen into want to reach position.
In addition there is a big bright spot is to bring their own voice navigation, in order to test the reaction speed, Xiao Bian quickly touch screen operation, the sound is still up, voice intelligence is very high.

High-definition screens and touch screens, and the work scenes and small editors believe that the value of the tablet has not been maximized. Jobs discovered that the business opportunity that Microsoft had never discovered was that he was keenly aware that the value of the tablet lies in the use of the computer without space limitations. Most of us have watched TV. A bit of "Swordsman" is where the Huashan Masters and brothers use the sword to bake food.

Of course, if the tablet has a good configuration and a good screen with high resolution, it can carry office applications.

Xiaobian likes the iwork12's screen and the relatively agile screen. You should know that iwok12's IPS screen (10 G+G capacitive screen) and Apple's mobile phone use the same screen. Use it to view the video to see the video is very good experience.

No stress on mobile office

Coupled with cool than Rubik's cube iwork12 dedicated keyboard, 12.2-inch screen, plus a keyboard about a total of 1 kilograms of weight, you can carry, and young artists do not have to stay in the room to find inspiration.

System Configuration

64-bit genuine Windows10 operating system, interX5 Z8300 chip, 4G memory, from the data point of view is inconspicuous, and because it is a legitimate system, pre-installed office software needs to pay, you have to go download the free software. Good and bad, the benevolent see wise men see wisdom, Xiao Bian think this is the start of the awakening of domestic flat manufacturers.

Many of us have grown up in piracy applications, but it was the past, not the present, and we wanted to raise the awareness of domestic brands and user literacy. We must learn to respect the copyright owners, let alone the experience of Xiaobian. The time has gradually become accustomed to the convenience of genuine Windows systems.

Life and heat

Do not know when, whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet, battery life and cooling capacity are not past the hurdle, cool than the Rubik's cube iwork12 built-in 9000mAh battery, in the case of constantly watching the video browsing webpage life time in 3-3.5 hours Between the endurance ability is considered middle class.

The heat dissipation effect is repeated by Xiao Bian. The above figure shows the temperature test of Xiao Bian after watching the video brush website for 2.5 hours. The collection point is the most severe part of the heating part. Under the room temperature of 28 degrees, the temperature of the small collection is 37.1. The effect is pretty good.
Of course, cool than Rubik's Cube is not the best heat, when charging the temperature will be relatively high, it is recommended that everyone open the bracket when charging.

Sound quality appreciation may not be necessary as a tablet to experience sound quality. Even if a user uses it to listen to a song, no one will be able to hear the advantages or disadvantages. Xiao Bian prefers music, especially when he devotes himself entirely to creation. He listens to different songs and likes the stereo feel of Rubik's cube iwork12. It is necessary to know that this is only a flat panel of 1,500 blocks, in such a thin body. Designing four speakers on both sides is very sincere.

V. Overview of Experience

The premium ability of home-made flat plates often depends on their brand. Although the cool than the Rubik's cube has less than 12 years of industry experience, it has a serious non-reciprocal brand premium, which leads to the product positioning of cool Rubik's Cube is always not clear. For the opposite example, see Xiaomi Tablet.

Xiao Bian in this section is a personal opinion of personal advertising marketing, if different, can understand. So still come back to cool than Rubik's cube iwork12 up, the first thing to say is definitely whether this tablet is worth 1599, Xiao Bian answer is yes, in Xiao Bian experience more than a month, summed up the following advantages:

1, hardware and workmanship is very solid, ips screen is already the industry's top screen; magnesium alloy die-casting metal frame technology impress;

2, the details of the design is very hard, rich interface arrangement without losing the sense of beauty of the fuselage, four groups of speakers to design technology, half-fitting cover bracket is not only easy to receive, more importantly, is conducive to heat;

3, the system's advantages are mainly reflected in the genuine Windows10 operating system, plus the built-in MXplayer player, a good 4K decoding capabilities so that Xiaobian surprise.

In addition to the above advantages, the cool than the Rubik's Cube is undoubtedly made the shortcomings of similar products, the first is that the packaging design is not good enough, as Xiao Bian said in the previous article, you can consider the design of the drawer, the first time to get a big box There is a bright feeling, but in fact the lining accounted for most of the sense of loss can be imagined; again charging speed is not fast enough, Xiao Bian temporarily unable to explain the reasons, the official can pay attention to this issue is better.

The last suggestion is that if the keyboard can be standard, it is better than the keyboard Xiaobian Rubik's cube iwork12, although the back of the keyboard want to make a tall sense of the process (or in order to protect with softness Keyboard and body), but the material of the plush is unfavorable and clean. Consider replacing the material.

Sixth, incidental product related parameters

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