Millet will have a big move 65 inch curved TV is coming

In addition to Xiaomi Mobile 5 recently, Xiaomi seems to have a big move on TV. According to the National Electronic Product 3C Certification Center, Xiaomi is applying for a TV production license of model L65M4-AQ. It seems that a new millet TV will meet you again.

Before Xiaomi TV released 360 meters of TV, millet TV 55 and millet TV 70, now from this new millet TV model, this should be a guy with a 65-inch screen. It is not difficult to see that Xiaomi’s ambition is in the field of large-screen smart TVs. Compared with the previous millet TV model, this millet TV model suffix from AA to AQ, perhaps this millet will also bring home from the 65-inch surface. Is it the rhythm of death?

Previously, LeTV released a 65-inch curved TV, but as of now it has failed to sell. So can millet get more attention with this new TV? Let us wait and see!