Zhongshan Lighting's export products strengthen rec…

Recently, the "Zhongshan City Export Lighting Enterprise Special Rehabilitation Symposium" organized by Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was held in Guzhen Town, China's "Lighting Capital". The heads of more than 100 major lighting export enterprises in Zhongshan C ----more

Metro City LED City Project for Energy Saving Purposes

As the world's first "LED City" pilot project, Raleigh City has obtained very obvious funds for energy utilization and maintenance. From January 2007, a total of 141 LED lighting fixtures were installed. The city's municipal parking lot is on the 3rd floor. According to a report ----more

Karaoke dance hall lighting and lighting technology

The lighting system of the dance hall (especially the dance floor lighting part) is basically in the category of “atmosphere lighting”, and its design focuses on the decorative and artistic lighting. Therefore, in the lighting system of the dance hall, a large number of ----more

Snowlight Optoelectronics expects future growth to be w…

1. Snowlight is stronger than R&D and manufacturing, but its market sales have been weak for a long time, and brand building is weak. After the IPO financing, the company's product capacity has been gradually established, but the market sales are relatively lagging. After the release of HID ----more

MP3 decoding IMDCT hardware accelerator solution

This article refers to the address: http:// Abstract It is more effective to improve the speed of IMDCT operation by adding a small dedicated circuit inside the system-on-chip, which is responsible for processing the IM-DCT part. According to the characteristics of the embedded system, this pape ----more

Case Interpretation of Marketing Analysis of China Ligh…

4. Case interpretation This store is very marketing ——The truth of the MOHO beauty lamp Marketing starts with research and grasping needs. Understand the current market situation of China's lighting industry. After reading the introduction of the "Beauty Lights" BDS c ----more

Yu Xin Lighting Chen Xin: Service is the commitment of …

As you step into the huge storeroom of Udi Lighting, you will be greeted with a variety of colorful chandeliers. When you appreciate the unique style and feel the dazzling light, every sense of the body is also excited. The hustle and bustle of the city seems to come to an abrupt end at this moment ----more