Five production processes for LED lighting products

When the LED lighting economy is hot, perhaps for breakthrough or summary, the lighting is divided into three eras: First, the filament bulb era (incandescent lamp) Second, the gas bulb era (fluorescent light) Third, the era of semiconductor lighting (LED) Among them, the longest ----more

The first phase of Zhongshan People's Town, 821 盏…

In accordance with the project requirements of the Guangdong Green Lighting Demonstration City Project, Zhongshan City People's Town has implemented the energy-saving renovation of LED street lamps in 120,000 traditional high-pressure sodium lamps in 30 urban main roads within the jurisdiction. ----more

Application of Multivibrator in Automotive Air Purifier

The 555 time base circuit IC2 and R4, R5, C5, etc. form a multivibrator. After the power is turned on, the IC2 output (3 pin) is high and 12V at the same time because the voltage on C5 is very low. The voltage is charged to C5 via R4 and R5, and the voltage on C5 is gradually increased. When the ----more

Power filter capacitor selection

The impedance of the capacitor is inversely proportional to the frequency, so the capacitor can block low-frequency passage. The inductance is the opposite - so if the two are combined properly, the various frequency signals can be filtered. For example, in the rectifier circuit, the capac ----more

Application Research of Internet of Things in Bus Intel…

Abstract: This paper introduces the concept, basic characteristics, development status and key technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, proposes a bus intelligent monitoring and scheduling model, and analyzes the functions of each module in the system architecture, so as to a cert ----more

Renewable energy power quota system to be implemented

The design idea of ​​the renewable energy power quota system has been shaped. The national energy department is studying and formulating the “Administrative Measures for Power Quotas for Renewable Energy” to address the three major issues of renewable energy, incl ----more

A Brief Analysis of Investment Situation of Electrical …

In 2012, the national grid investment will continue to grow. State Grid Corporation of China held an annual working meeting on January 5th. The meeting looked forward to and deployed the work for 2012. The meeting proposed that in 2012, we must continue to accelerate the construction of de ----more