Basic knowledge of motor principle

1. Classification of low-power motors According to national standards, small-power motors refer to motors with a continuous rated power not exceeding 1.1kw when converted to 1500r/min (rev/min), also known as micro-motors or horsepower motors, which are classified as follows: ----more

This beveled phone can bring a true book-turning experi…

Beijing time on February 20 morning news, researchers from Queen's University in Canada developed a prototype of a flexible screen smartphone. The user can navigate the page by bending the screen. This is a full-featured Android phone with a 720p resolution flexible OLED ----more

Major manufacturers secretly power battery to grab the …

Ford Motor Coe Mark Field recently announced that it plans to invest $4.5 billion in 2020 to expand its hybrid and electric vehicle businesses. South Korea's home appliance industry's two major rivals, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, formally competed in techno ----more

LED solar street light controller design

The design of LED solar street light controller Hu Youbao (Shenzhou Traffic Engineering Group Co., Ltd.) is the choice for more municipal renovation and expansion projects. According to the control needs of solar street lamps, the solar street lamp controller is designed from the hardw ----more

Wind River Helps Resconda Accelerate NFV Transformation

Wind River®, the world's leading provider of IoT services, today announced that network equipment manufacturer Resconda Technology Development Co., Ltd. has implemented NFV (Network FuncTIons VirtualizaTIon) to develop virtualization using Wind River TItanium ServerTM S ----more

The "stone" of IEC61850 protocol communicatio…

The IEC61850 standard is by far the most complete communication standard in the substation automation field. The ASN.1 coding specification is the most basic coding method of the MMS protocol used by IEC61850. Here, we will introduce the "stone" of the IEC61850 proto ----more