Beijing Nanhaizi Country Park Night Lighting Design

Zhongzhao Lighting Engineering Design Award (3rd Prize in Square Park) Project Name: Night Lighting Design of Beijing Nanhaizi Country Park Reporting unit: Beijing Orr Environmental Art Co., Ltd. The extension line of Beijing Nanhaizi Park on the south central axis has a histor ----more

Toshiba developed a 11.7-inch flexible OLED panel

Recently, Toshiba developed a 11.7-inch flexible OLED panel and published a related paper at the "SID 2012" held in Boston, USA (paper serial number: 74.2L). At the developer meeting, in addition to disclosing the image of the panel work demonstration, Toshiba also demonstrated the driving ----more

China's industrial automation system technical stan…

With the rapid development of information technology, various digital and intelligent field devices are widely used in industrial automation. However, due to the lack of corresponding field device integration technologies and specifications as a support, digital and intelligent field devic ----more

Restricted trapping situation in the development of the…

Octagon lighting city Guanzhang transformation, Ruifeng international lighting port operations deserted into a comprehensive category of stores, Gao Li lamp port price management loose...... Looking at the capital of the old and new lighting stores, this year's development does not see ----more

Nokia layoffs involve China: Some R&D personnel may…

Recently, Nokia, which has been affected by poor performance, has started layoffs again and hopes to help save itself through throttling while Windows Phone (hereinafter referred to as WP) expands its territory. It is reported that after the CEO confirmed by Stephen Elop a new round of lay ----more

Various types of lighting terms

General lighting is a uniform lighting set to illuminate the entire site. Partitioned general lighting is designed to illuminate the general lighting of a particular area, such as the place where work is performed, with different illumination. Local lighting The lighting used to illumina ----more

LED "surface light source" technology made a …

LED "surface light source" technology made a breakthrough in Nanjing LEDs are green energy-saving lighting materials that replace traditional incandescent lamps. However, LED "point light source" products currently used have the disadvantages of easy light decay, high cost, and ----more