Pan Jianbo: Converse lamp world seizes North China lighting

At present, although there are already lighting supermarkets in North China, the scale is not very large. However, the Converse Lighting Chain has invested 20 million yuan to build a 6,000-square-meter Converse Light World in Shijiazhuang, a major town in North China. Become the largest lighting supermarket in North China. After the newspaper reported on the incident in 227, it caused a strong response in the industry. What is the goal of Converse? How will Converse Lighting World plan its own? With all kinds of questions, the reporter interviewed Pan Jianbo, chairman of Converse Lighting World.

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Reporter (hereinafter referred to as the note): Converse Lighting Hand in hand, Huaxia Lighting City has launched a world of 6,000 square meters of Converse Lighting, so that the industry is not only eye-catching, but even for your leading figure is full of legendary, please talk Talk about how you and Converse have come along.

Pan Jianbo (hereinafter referred to as Pan): Hehe (laughs), I don't have any legendary colors. Like many Wenzhou fellows, I have come to today through my own attempts and efforts. When I was 18 years old and just came out of school, I worked as a carpenter, worked as a driver, worked as a paper mill, and went to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia to invest and set up a factory. Although it was hard, it also had some savings. By 1990, I began to get involved in the lighting industry, from the 20 square meters storefront in Nansan, Shijiazhuang, to the current lighting chain and lighting supermarket. During the period, it mainly worked as a chain of network wholesale and Converse Lighting in North China. In the wholesale network, after 16 years of painstaking efforts, now has more than 200 loyal dealers, not only in Yan, Xingtai, but also in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia has our distribution network; in the Converse lighting chain, Since 2004, there have been more than 20 Converse chain agencies located in various parts of Hebei, and more than 300 square meters of Converse Lighting Chain Center has been set up in Bandung Huiyang, Beijing, making Converse also influential in Beijing. .

Reporter: Your lighting wholesale network in North China has been very successful. The development of Converse Lighting Chain is very good. Why do you want to launch a professional supermarket like Converse?

Pan: Now is the era when the terminal is king. The terminal has to be "the world". We are arrogant. The world of lights is operated with an area of ​​6,000 square meters. The contract is for 10 years. The purpose is to consider selling the lights. Well, in the North China lighting market to do a century-old store, the lighting service will be upgraded. The upgrade of the service must not only be professionally managed, but also have a large area of ​​supermarkets to support.

Reporter: You want to make Converse Lighting World the largest lighting supermarket in North China, and also aim at the goal of a century-old store. How do you plan for this store?

Pan: First of all, Converse Lighting World adopts the operation method of modern supermarkets, ultra-low price, unified collection, unified after-sales service, unified marketing, unified image, and advocates standardized operation; secondly, in the combination of products, to adopt themselves Acting products business-oriented, a small number of enterprises can also directly settle in, so also hope to get more people to participate in cooperation through your newspaper; the last is the service, pre-sales service is mainly to cooperate with the home improvement company, and then integrate the designer's resources, The designer is invited to the inside of the supermarket to provide customers with a complete set of lighting and lighting design solutions; the in-sale service is to provide professional and high-quality full-service services to the shopping guide; the after-sales service is equipped with a special car, free to install, clean and repair for the customer. And set up a customer service center to help customers provide 24-hour free consulting services.

Reporter: At present, which brands have settled in Converse? What kind of brand will you choose to cooperate in the future?

Pan: "Converse? Light World" gathers all kinds of brand lighting to operate in the same field, operating in sub-regions, mainly dealing with modern lamps, crystal lamps, classical lamps, sheepskin lamps, wooden lamps, engineering lighting and electrical materials. At present, the brands that have already entered are Porsche, Nolte, Jiawei Muyi and other brands. Due to the long-term strategic considerations of Converse Lighting, we also have certain selectivity for cooperative enterprises. The main reason is that cooperative enterprises must have a strategic vision, have a sense of brand service, and be committed to the long-term mutual prosperity and win-win situation of the North China market.

Reporter: Do you think that the entry of Converse? The world of lights will have an impact on the lighting market in Hebei?

Pan: The emergence of Converse? The world of lights has promoted the upgrading of Hebei's lighting market services, which will have a great impact on those with poor service concepts; this also marks a major step forward for Hebei's lighting.

Reporter: Thank you, Mr. Pan for accepting my interview. We also believe that Converse? The future development of the lamp world is getting better and better, bringing a fresh air to the lighting industry in North China and even China.

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