CL-1 bolt type slow blow fuse for vehicle has the features, such as smaller volume, lighter weight, low cost, good reliability, low power consumption (almost negligible) and stable electrical performance. The product has reliable protection ability to all kinds of different circuits. The production process of the product is simple and the production efficiency is high. The fuse can be used in a variety of different circuits with lower electrode defects on both sides and better high frequency characteristics, thus it can eliminate the interference of electromagnetic wave and radio frequency effectively, the fuse is suitable for vehicle electrical protection.



Electrical equipment used in vehicle


Working Conditions

Ambient Temperature:-40~+100ºC

Relative Humidity:0-97%

Atmospheric Pressure:0.399×105Pa~1.0399×105Pa

Vibration:Frequency 50Hz, acceleration 5g

Impact:80~100 times/minute,acceleration 15g



Rated Current(In):30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,100,125,150,200A

Rated Voltage: 58V

Dimension: 42×12×8 mm


Time-Current Characteristics

1In, ≥1 hour

1.5In, ≤10 seconds-100 seconds

3In, ≤0.3-15 seconds




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