JAMES DONKEY Donkey 619 roll mechanical keyboard experience sharing

I am a game player and have a deep love for the game. Although it is a very slag bronze, but I can not stop the other people I want to pit the heart still remember to just work out before, there is not much income, in order to play the game every day Go to the cafe to soak. Wanted overnight Internet cafes fight, now think of it like a fool, but also very happy, and later had their own computer, but still do not care about some configuration, when playing games can always be compared to others slag, slowly for a long time you know , lying slot there are gaming mouse, mechanical keyboard. This is the beginning of these special peripherals designed for games, friends recently sent me a mechanical keyboard, named: Donkey (Bego Ma household) 619 roll mechanical keyboard, see this name is not particularly impressive, I was particularly aggressive and later learned that their staff were more amazed and likes tossing. Then they took this special name: è´± ass (Begoma), it was really bloody. Anyway, I remember it once. This name is!

Because it is a friend sent no purchase link, went to Tmall to find a baby link, Jingdong Tmall has to sell, buy things to put your eyes fine, so as not to buy a loss, this baby reference to see the exam on the line!

The friend is still righteous, ah, I have been pestering him to the keyboard, and finally I could not withstand the grinding him, gave me one, but fortunately, brand-new, very frivolous packaging is not too fancy, black paper box The packaging is quite mysterious. The paper box has a good texture. It looks a little small. There are several printed characters in the upper right corner of the box: 619 Rolling mechanical keyboard, it's simple, plus the sign of this brand. It was a donkey, and a donkey tag was placed in the middle.

Can't wait to open this and see if this donkey 619 mechanical keyboard is in the end, but first tear the donkey tag off, this yellow tag has some simple information on the donkey, address, after-sales phone, and bar code, and a black The donkey and the donkey have a security check. As long as you scrape the coating, you can use the anti-counterfeiting code, and then you will know if you are buying genuine products. The keyboard given to me is white. Open the box with a piece of white oil paper covering the keyboard. It should be to avoid soiling the keyboard. There is a circle around the keyboard, which may be the function of the protective keyboard. There is also a black protective sponge underneath. Is there a keyboard for this protection?

Talk about the inside of the accessories: a keyboard body, a removable USB data cable, a key puller, manual one (note: it is also the warranty card), the keyboard's overall color is yellow and silver three colors, with Very beautiful. Worthy of praise is the Donkey keyboard 619 keyboard can be removed, that is, wire and keyboard can be separated, search I like this design, PS: Manual (warranty card) to save, my hand disabled, the manual lost. Anyway, it was sent. It was bad. I throw him back and give it to me. I'm not too bad

Donkey 619 keyboard is now the mainstream of the American 104 full-key no punch, good Daron black shaft, because usually prefer to play the game, so it is more like black axis keyboard, which is the mainstream choice for all gamers, black shaft A word in terms of the keyboard: not fast enough, the kind of straight up and down feeling, as well as the speed of flowing, cool! Compared with the blue axis, the black axis is faster, because the keystroke is short and the response is fast, and the sound is not as loud as the blue axis. If you are a social student party, it is recommended that you do not choose the blue axis, but choose the black axis because you If you do not listen to me, it is very likely that the keyboard will be lost, and it may even cause conflicts, because you know.

Inside the show, you can easily remove the keycap. The circle just fits your fingers. When you pull it gently, you can pull out the keycap, which is much better than handcuffs. If you have strong hands, you can do it yourself. DIY color key cap, I met a fat sister in the Internet God, a good one-handed cap on the DIY, ah, looking for her to talk to the other day, to see if I can give a whole girl colorful key cap ah, haha, obscene in!

After unlocking the keycap, you can see the keyboard axis. The donkey 619 uses the Jiadalong black shaft as the core. You can see that the shaft body uses a transparent cover, which can bring more excellent backlight effect, and each time There is a bright yellow LED lamp bead on the shaft body, and the overall effect shows a big show yellow color. I like it. The large shaft uses a satellite shaft design, which is much better than the traditional balance shaft. Because the balance shaft is not easy to disassemble and install, and the satellite shaft is easy to disassemble and install, and it is not easy to damage, so we must pay attention to when choosing, ah, the key cap uses ABS Materials, two-color injection molding process, the color is white and yellow, the font is a faint yellow, the font design is relatively flat, and the light transmittance of the keycap is very good, do not turn on the light at night to directly ah you know.

The three status lights on the keyboard are very eye-catching, ah, three-dimensional triangular design, a sense of serious brush to steal the presence of ah, but I like it, because usually it is difficult to see on other mechanical keyboard body, are the traditional status lights, nothing The highlight is that the entire panel of the keyboard is in good condition. It is an aluminum alloy panel that looks very good.

The keys of the Donkey 619 keyboard are slightly wider than the keys on an ordinary keyboard. The advantage of this is that it is more comfortable to play the game for a long time, because the operation space of the large finger gap will be large, and the operation will not be so compact. The text printing on the keyboard is more personalized than the keyboard I use now. For example, the F1 to F12 and the up and down, right and left keys are all printed with corresponding shortcut icons. White is very practical.

Which is the yellow yellow plastic material on both sides, the front of the keyboard silver aluminum alloy panel and the middle of the white shell, the three colors with the very good, looking very pleasing to the eye, looking sideways like a small sports car is very handsome.

The back is a white bottom shell with yellow brackets on both sides. There are two black anti-slip strips on the left and right sides respectively to ensure the stability of the keyboard on the desktop. The yellow plastic bracket can adjust the height of the keyboard to meet your own needs. Sex is not very high, it is very easy to open, and some keyboards are very high damping, it is difficult to open, it is inconvenient. If you carefully find the prismatic design of the bottom shell, look carefully, lying: is not the shape of the donkey, ah, donkey donkey really do the ultimate, everywhere! Advanced implantation, beautiful dry, I like it.

The above is also said at the beginning, the Donkey 619 uses a detachable wire, not a traditional keyboard wire, the interface is mirco USB interface driver-free installation is now inserted, in use, found the same interface and mobile phone interface, so I Brain hole opened a bit, try using the phone data cable, try: lying slot, mobile phone line can also be used, 666666, but I still like to use the original USB data cable, I am afraid of problems, USB plug and interface design Yes, it is an LL socket, and the special two grooves on the plug and the convex groove on the keyboard interface make a seamless connection. Even if you accidentally pull it, it will not pull the keyboard and wire, because the interface is quite The stability.

The cable of the data line is made of nylon material, which is two meters long and is more resistant to wear than PVC. Because the nylon is much stronger than PVC, the length of two meters is enough, and their family is very caring. Online In the middle of the material, a small cable tie can be used to close the long wire and it is not so messy. The connector is also plated with gold, which makes it look very high-end.

Donkey 619 Mechanical Keyboard All-in-one yellow backlight. Press FN + function key to adjust the mode of the lamp. There are many modes (breath light, single light, helium mode, wave mode, convolution mode). Which kind of adjustment, the keyboard lights have a memory mode, the next time you boot the keyboard or you set the light mode, these modes are my favorite wave mode, do not ask why, because I wave, of course, you can also Define the backlight. Because he is a suspended design, the light source of the keyboard can be better dispersed, so it looks very ecstatic. However, at night when playing games, I only like to turn on the lights of the game's shortcut keys and just sit quietly in front of the computer. See how I hang people and dregs fly! Hahahahaha..........

In the actual combat stage of using the donkey game, I can also get four kills from the slag residue. I was really touched. Now I want to get the five kills to satisfy. Don't worry about my position. I have a donkey and believe that I will. When I got five kills, although I was the bronze king of the district, I definitely didn't have the heart. Joke is a joke. I don't play games much better than my usual keyboard. After all, the black-axis mechanical keyboard has a short way to react quickly, and can quickly avoid the flash or lose big moves at the crucial moment. This is the difference between ordinary keyboard and mechanical keyboard players, of course, the technology is also very important, but all the strength is quite, which fight is the keyboard and mouse!

After playing for a while, I feel that this donkey 619 rolling mechanical keyboard, as an entry-level mechanical keyboard is also OK, after all, the use of the floating keycap, aluminum alloy one panel, Jia Dalong black shaft, multi-light adjustment mode, personalized triangular status lights , sports car design, and so on. Price of two hundred yuan or so is very cost-effective, I went to search for the same price of the keyboard just pick a few out seemingly nothing, ass Donkey 619 as an entry-level black shaft mechanical keyboard, just for people who just started touching the mechanical keyboard Appropriate, so recommend that those funds are not very wealthy and just use the white keyboard of the mechanical keyboard. Overall, Donkey 619 is still very good, I hope everyone can like it, do not understand the keyboard, in the message area to find me on the line! I can help! Bye! Lying down: See also? I have finished writing, and I still don't go back to writing my homework!