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This year, digital products such as mobile phone tablets are becoming more and more “flooding”, and there are no two or three devices that need to be taken out every day. The advantage is that almost all aspects of our lives can be solved with these devices. However, the disadvantages are even more pronounced. From time to time, the power will be scary. If nothing happens, if there is anything out of the ordinary, you may be in a hurry. Therefore, a mobile phone with a built-in value is inherently more necessary.

Although this thing looks like it is a bit to the mobile phone, but victory in practicality can save emergency, other aspects should not be so tangled. What are the advantages of a good mobile power supply? How do you choose thousands of mobile power supplies on the market? This article is for you!

Essential elements:

1.       Accurate capacity, no ambiguity

2.       The battery is safe and reliable, the charge heat is low, and the on-board conversion rate is high

3.       The charging speed is fast enough and stable enough, without excessive damage to the mobile phone battery

4.       Suitable size and capacity, small enough to be portable, large enough to have enough power

5.       nice! nice! nice! Three important things to say


I wrote a few articles on mobile power evaluation before coincidence. Use more mobile power. It is still understanding of such products. See my previous article. Slightly introduce some elements of mobile power:


Commonly available, more reliable materials on the market are mainly two categories. Lithium polymer batteries and 18650 cylindrical lithium batteries.

The 18650 battery is used by most mobile power sources and looks like a number 5 battery. The best known is Tesla, equipped with thousands of 18650 batteries in parallel .

There are also many types of flat lithium polymer batteries used. However, this kind of battery reliability may be slightly worse. However, there are no concerns about the quality of ATL batteries or qualified 18650 batteries currently produced by regular brands . This is not a major consideration. Unless the manufacturer does not know the technology. Other situations can be used with confidence.

Charging speed, current and voltage stability, on-board conversion efficiency, and charging power adjustment all look at the main control board used by the battery. However, this is what our consumers can't see. It can be used to evaluate articles or professional dismantling websites.

Fast charge:

If you can use Qualcomm or MediaTek's fast charging technology, charging your phone is naturally a multiplier. However, the price of such mobile power is often above 140 . If your phone just supports fast charging, it is recommended to buy a try!


As a young author who is unwilling to advertise, I recommend naturally using a product that I have used well, experience is good, and cost-effective:


Le bubble:

Is a domestic company based in Shenzhen to do mobile power company. There is no doubt that design capabilities will generally look better. The price of mobile power is not cheap, but if you look at the appearance and value, the price can sometimes be a little more flexible.

The preparation of the nylon fabric is mobile power Atsushi Fast . Support output QC2.0 . Nylon fabric is more comfortable in the hands. It's good for summer.

Relatively speaking, the shimmering size will be smaller. When the battery capacity is 10,000 milliamperes, this size is just good when used as an emergency portable and the material is all metal.


This brand has some meaning. Originally used as a desktop metal attachment, it has a good reputation among fans. So the boss went to make mobile power. Then it's really done

The product is very small and looks a bit like lipstick. There are similar colors for the iPhone to choose from.

Before the mobile power supply of ANKER was sold well in the United States and Asia, after two years of marketing efforts in the domestic market, it has gradually had a certain influence. The price is not low, but the victory is solid workmanship, reliable materials. It is also worth recommending. I basically started anker's complete data cable, charger and mobile power supply. The small mobile power anker in lipstick style is also available.

ORICO should be more familiar with many users, the product is also good. But at the same price as anker millet, it is not equipped with the same two-way fast charge. Only one way. However, the texture of the product is really good and there is a sense of quality in the hand.

Meizu's mobile power is my most recommended. Although the data and performance are not as powerful as when they were crowdfunded. However, the fast charge version supports multiple fast charge protocols while maintaining very high charging data. Meizu PRO charging power up to 24W . Yan value is not to say, two-tier injection molding design, the outer layer of translucent matte shell in his hand is also very comfortable.

MIPOW 's mobile power is one of the few mobile power brands sold at APPLE STORE . After all, Apple recognizes that the quality will not be bad. Only the price is a bit high, suitable for users loyal to Apple.

Is mobile power safe to buy?

Even the People's Daily has released rumours that the fast charge is not reliable. It can be imagined how much the average consumer would have misunderstood the mobile power supply. In fact, as with the charging head, charging is performed after the voltage is adjusted to about 3.7V . The charging circuits of qualified products will provide various security measures. In addition, monitoring and management of the management chip will ensure that the state of the lithium battery during charging will be controlled within a safe range. As long as the product is qualified for quality clearance, mobile power and fast-charging mobile power will not have any negative impact on the mobile phone.


The above recommended products, I basically have. . Feel that you can open a mobile power mini show it haha. . The unreliability of the mobile power supply cannot be convinced that choosing a suitable high-quality, high-value mobile power supply in the market will make it more practical for you to go out and use your mobile phone.


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