Ultra-low-cost luxury! 2799 yuan popular 554K smart TV evaluation

Evaluation Preface

Recently, Popular TV released the first products to enter the TV industry, and shook the industry with prices of 55吋4K Internet TV 2799 yuan, 49吋4K Internet TV 2299 yuan and 43吋4K Internet TV 1799 yuan.

According to briefings, TVs popular in this release use the first integrated board design and adopt minimalist and intelligent design ideas. They are designed and manufactured by domestic LCD TV ODM company Mega Holdings, and are provided by Oriental Pearl for broadcast control and mass and quality. content.

In terms of hardware, popular TV uses Samsung and LG's original imported 4K panels, with 400:1 static contrast, 60Hz screen refresh rate and 6ms response time. On the picture quality, with backlight module technology, optimize color, and use motion compensation technology to optimize dynamic picture performance.

In terms of appearance, most TV bodies are made of metal materials, with brushed, metal-plated crystal technology, texture superior. In addition, the popular TV has taken the lead in adopting the non-tapered design and hidden interface panel, the overall style is more simple and refined.

Recently we received a 55-inch version of the popular TV. Next, let's take a closer look.

industrial design

In the design, the popular TV adopts a minimalist design concept and is overall simple. The main color is pure champagne, and the frame, base and back shell are made of metal and golden texture.

Popular FD5551A-SU

Integrated metal frame, light golden texture:

Popular FD5551A-SU integrated metal frame

Popular TV LOGO

The pedestal of this TV is designed to be thin, in perfect harmony with the overall concise style.

Popular FD5551A-SU base

The figure below is a metal-plated crystal wire drawing backplane that is popular with FD5551A-SU TVs. The front and back of the TV are very high in value.

Popular FD5551A-SU back

The back cover of the TV body is made of metal, and with the drawing and metal plating process, the texture is strong.

Popular television metal wire drawing back

Popular TV slim metal base

In addition, the popular TV backshell also uses a hidden interface panel to ensure the overall style is simple.

Hidden interface popular with FD5551A-SU

The appearance of this TV is very good for people, simple and generous, innovative in design, high in characteristics and high in recognition.

Internal dismantling

After watching outside the interior, the next step is to dismantle the part. Popular TV is designed and manufactured by the domestic LCD TV ODM company Mega Holdings.

After removing the back shell, we can see that the popularity of this 55-inch TV has only two circuit boards and is highly integrated. Among them, the power supply circuit and the intelligent movement part are integrated on one board, and the integration is higher and the cost is reduced. The sound is also merged into a whole by two general speakers, but there are still four units.

55吋 The interior of the TV

According to reports, the popularity of 55-inch TV panels using LG and Samsung, we received the popular 55-inch TV model FD5551A-SU, using the LG panel.

LG panel
The color image processing chip is Samsung's.

Power and smart movement

Route layout

The audio unit used in the popular TV is a four-tone horn that is connected together.

55 audio units used in popular television

From the internal dismantling point of view, popular TV design and use of materials is relatively simple.

System operation

In terms of system operation, the popular TV adopts its own FunUI, with minimalist and easy-to-use as its starting point, a simple interface style, removing interference information, and the content of the portal is WYSIWYG. Operation is similar to the cross-control mode of a Sony PS game console. The minimally interactive design facilitates learning. The on-demand + carousel combination shortens the content arrival path and makes it easy for users to obtain content.

Popular TV FunUI adopts cross control mode

In addition, it is worth mentioning that popular TV has P2P buffering technology to optimize the video viewing experience, and can achieve zero wait for video initiation and no delay for fast forward.

Built-in optimization master

FunUI can be used with remote control to achieve voice control, voice search and other functions, and built-in optimization master, a key optimization. The remote control is connected via Bluetooth, enabling 360-degree no-dead control.

One-key system optimization

Remote control also has a one-button switching source and system optimization, easy to operate.

Popular TV remote control with one-click optimization, voice function

Users can refer to the tutorial: Popular smart TV installation method Install sofa housekeeper to implement third-party application extensions.

Hardware Configuration

The following figure shows the main hardware configuration of the popular TV FD5551A-SU:

Popular TV FD5551A-SU configuration, click to enlarge

Popular TV FD5551A-SU system display configuration

For a 55-inch 4K TV with a price of only 2799 yuan, this configuration is acceptable.

Smart experience

Popular TV has a multi-screen interactive function, through the mobile phone APP, can be connected to the mobile phone, remote control of the mobile phone to help parents solve TV problems, but also to achieve mobile phone remote control, a key to install applications, mobile phone voice to find tablets and other functions.

Popular TV assistant can realize functions such as mobile phone remote control

Popular TV assistant can realize functions such as mobile phone remote control

The popular TV 55 also supports voice function, which is also an important function of smart TV.

Popular TV 55 supports voice function

High recognition rate for speech recognition

Popular TV support third-party APP

Overall, the smart experience of popular television is good.

Videogame resources

In terms of film and television content, the cooperation between Super-Dimensional TV and BesTV has a genuine video resource, and at the same time, the content of iQiyi, Youku and Tencent has been aggregated. Each year, the popular TV library will add more than 3,000 movies, including more than 300 movie theaters, and nearly 90% of the movies in the history of the box office. The top 100 films for the annual box office in 2015 will also be included in 91 titles.

The television resources of popular television are rich

TV drama section, popular TV library increases 20,000 new plays each year, covering 90% of CCTV and mainstream TV hits, TVB full-year new drama 580 hours of coverage, the latest Korean drama 800 hours ahead of schedule. Children's animation section, the introduction of Disney, Nick animation and other top five world brands, bring together more than 10,000 sets of overseas animation, high quality preschool IP. The sports section has exclusive Premier League copyrights, and there are nearly 3000 high-end sports events such as football, free fight, tennis, racing, and CBA each year. The documentary section is a collection of first-rate documentary copyrights represented by SMG and Continental Bridge. At the same time, it has introduced six world-famous documentary brands, including BBC and History Channel, and nearly 10,000 episodes of HD documentary programs.

Popular TV features rich resources

There are not many parts of the game, but there are game developers who have cooperated. Currently, the works that have been on the line include "The Three Kingdoms", "The Warriors of the Three Kingdoms" and "Happy Baby".

Recommended Applications

Game content

Quality performance

In terms of picture quality, we tested the quality of this product by performing quality tests such as “Super HiVi Cast” and other tests on the color transitions, contrast ratios, and the ability to restore three primary colors of TVs. The test pictures were taken in the standard mode (for digital reference only after the screen shots were taken for multiple digital conversions after the shooting and the reader's display device performance was not the same).

According to official sources, popular TV uses Samsung and LG's original imported 4K panels, together with backlight module technology, with motion compensation technology.

Popular TV FD5551A-SU color performance

From the color ladder screen on the picture above, you can see the overall color transition performance of the popular TV FD5551A-SU, and the dividing line between each color block is clearly visible. At the tip of the triangle, the transition of the blue color blocks is clear, and the transition of the color blocks at the green and red tips is not clear.

Popular TV FD5551A-SU contrast performance

In the contrast test, the performance of the popular TV FD5551A-SU is shown above. In the picture above, the model is dressed in a black background in a black background. The details on the clothes are not clear; the white model is performing well and the folds on the clothes are also displayed.

In addition, in the video playback test, we found that popular FD5551A-SU TV can not decode H264 4K video, 4K test film (such as roast duck) can not play, but H265 can support H265 (HEVC) format 4k10bit60HZ video. However, after H264 is eventually replaced by H265, you don't have to worry about it.

Evaluation summary

The general feeling that the popular TV FD5551A-SU gives us is that the design is very elegant and concise, and the appearance of work materials also gives people a very hard feeling. This is quite rare for a 2799 yuan 55-inch smart 4K TV. Of course, due to the ultra-low price, this TV has also been restricted in terms of configuration, and it can't make people play 100 points in the fluency of the system operation. However, in the system UI, smart experience, the performance of popular television is also remarkable, and video and television resources are more attractive.
55吋 Popular TV FD5551A-SU

In general, the comprehensive performance of the 55-inch TV FD5551A-SU can be passed, can meet the most basic user needs, and for this part of the population, the industry's reserve price of 2799 yuan has a fatal attraction , I believe that the popularity of television can use this huge advantage to attract the purchase of many users. For Xiaobian personally speaking, it is hoped that the follow-up will be able to launch TVs equipped with higher-end configurations. I believe it will inevitably give users a better experience and meet the needs of high-end users.