2016 best buy TV box recommended

Sofa Hardware Express Vol.35(2016-2-19):2016 The Most Worth Buying TV Box Recommended

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China’s traditional New Year has passed. Everyone has returned to his post one after another and continues to write a new year chapter. However, the leisure time will always pick up the remote control around and watch the wonderful programs on TV.
Because we have not yet become a leader, the continuous development of society, the popularity of the Internet, technology penetration into life, we love to wait for the television, but also from cable TV to set-top boxes, and then to all kinds of TV boxes. The emergence of the box completely integrates traditional television and the Internet. Turning on the TV is like opening a computer. With a huge amount of video content, you can also play genuine video games, which can greatly improve the content and playability of TVs that have been so neglected, and let us fall in love with the sofa and fall in love with TV operations.

This period may wish to let the sofa network (http://) Xiaobian one by one take you to see the TV box worth buying so far.

NO.1 Huawei glory box voice
(Click to see detailed parameters: http://MRIy0jlQ6E4QsrT.html)

Features: First-rate technology, good reputation Almost everyone knows that Huawei is the world's top 500, is a veteran company that has done technology for decades, and technology is also a domestic first-class standard. The latest Huawei glory box Voice is a highly personalized and wonderful product. The shape of the boxy side does not look too fancy, but it always gives a sense of maturity. In addition to the HDMI interface, the whole body only retains the Micro SD card slot, and supports a maximum of 64G memory card expansion. This allows everyone to install more TV applications at home. It is worth mentioning that the remote controller of the box is connected to the host by way of Bluetooth. This way avoids the disadvantage that the infrared technology needs to be aligned to operate. Voice search accuracy is higher, recognition is faster, and corpus is more. Glory Voice equipped with Android 5.1 operating system, configured with quad-core 1.5G Hass media chips, 1G memory, 4G flash memory running very smooth. Built-in hardware decoder HiVPX4, using 2 times the decoding pipeline unit, decoding capacity than ordinary quad-core box upgrade 100%, high-definition dynamic picture smooth playback without pressure.
Jingdong Selling price:Â¥228

NO.2 Haimeidi H7 Three Generations (Click to see the detailed parameters: http://ZAyUeF7ZBBM6lZ.html)

Features: 64-bit true eight-core, economical and affordable. Haimeidi H7 three generations use aviation-grade alloy material, one-piece cutting process is seamlessly formed, corners are rounded, and after drawing, sandblasting, drilling, etc. High-grade craftsmanship, with the eye-catching color of local gold, can be described as high-end, atmosphere, on the grade. This box is the industry's first 64-bit 8-core intelligent network box, it is the first to use RK3368 processor, 64-bit 8-core Cortex-A53 architecture chip, running up to 36,000, with 1G memory + 8G flash memory, plus Android 5.1 After the operating system installs the sofa butler application market, it is greatly improved whether the picture is beautiful, the running fluency and the software compatibility. And now the price of 299, so many professional players dazzled.
Jingdong Selling price:Â¥299

NO.3 Millet Box 3
(Click to see detailed parameters: http://GGPh9J0j4lIdeIX.html)

Features: somatosensory games, voice search
Millet box 3 in the design still followed the idea of ​​a generation of millet box, appearance style is not much change. The appearance of the black design, and through the scrub process, coupled with the narrow-edged design, so that it adds a lot of fashion beauty. Millet box 3 of this Bluetooth somatosensory remote control is undoubtedly its biggest highlight. The performance of multi-voice voice remote control is still quite good. The hardware is equipped with Crystal S905 quad-core processor, which is a 64-bit A53 architecture, supports H.265 decoding, support for 4K video playback, while the performance is relatively stable and smooth, it can be said is entirely for the mainstream TV box products Created. It is worth emphasizing here that after installing the sofa butler application market, it will give full play to its performance.
Jingdong Mall:Â¥319

The box recommended by Xiao Bian in this issue is based on feedback from people after a long period of time. However, when Xiao Bian looked up the price on JD.com, he was surprised to find that the sales rankings and Xiaobian's current recommendation are so tacit! Although the Huawei glory box was not recommended in the current period, it was not because of its badness. It was compared to the other three boxes that were born earlier and belonged to the ranks of the last outstanding box. The hardware configuration was slightly inferior to the other three. The key is that the recommended 3 boxes can be installed with a sofa butler, so that you have more choices for use, so that you have more to watch live, on-demand, movie and movie resources, so that you have not enough casual games.

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