Full of futuristic technology drones take you to see the new headquarters of Apple panorama

Tencent Digital (Compile: Hamish) In the eyes of everyone, Apple is a fairly mysterious company. It is powerful enough to gain the upper hand in the fight against the CIA and the NSA. But even so, the tech giant could not stop the prying eyes from the sky. A few days ago, people droned Apple's new campus Campus 2 with a drone in Cupertino.

This drone video was posted on YouTube by an account called Sexton Videography. As we can see in the video, Apple's new headquarters is nearing completion, and its external installation of a large number of solar panels. This huge UFO-shaped building has the appearance of a “city of tomorrow.” If Walt Disney saw it, he would be very interested.

Campus 2 covers an area of ​​176 acres and was designed by British architect Norman Foster. It has 3,000 huge floor-to-ceiling glass panels, a 120,000-square-foot underground auditorium, a 90,000-square-foot restaurant, and a 100,000-square-foot fitness center. Its overall structure is about 2.8 million square feet, which is a rather large building.

CNN said: "Soon, lucky Apple employees will be transferred to discrete, futuristic channels. There are 2,000 parking spaces under the building, and a hidden passage will connect the two ends of the building. It looks like A huge bat cave."

At the same time, CNN also quoted Foster and project architects as saying that Campus 2 is “the largest and most environmentally sustainable project in the world”. The designer’s idea is to make the power of this building completely come from renewable energy sources through the “photovoltaic array (ie, solar panels)” of the fuel cell and the roof.

The entire building takes full advantage of natural ventilation and radiation cooling systems, so Campus 2 does not need air conditioning for 70% of the year. The climate in northern California is warm. Perhaps we will see many white apple desktop fans in the entire building.

The $5 billion building will finally be put into use. At present, Apple has not announced a specific timetable. Campus 2 reflects the impetuous appearance of Apple in the sky, but also represents the company's vision for the future.

Source: Digital Trends

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