After the education, LED upstream companies began to "cross-border" to play plant lighting

Xinjiang Economic News (Reporter Wang Xingrui reports) No need for dirt and sunlight, vegetables in a fully enclosed environment, relying on water and light to grow, using technology to control the temperature, humidity, nutrition and other conditions required for their growth, this is the LED " The wonderful thing about the plant factory.

On November 29th, the reporter felt the magic of this LED “plant factory” in Xinjiang Zijing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Amethyst).

Simulating natural environment for continuous vegetable growth

Amethyst's LED "plant factory" demonstration base is actually a closed room with an area of ​​about 100 square meters. There are five layers of cultivation racks, each of which is covered with green lettuce, lettuce, etc. Green leafy vegetables, vegetables on the "head" are covered with LED lights, all vegetables are hydroponics, the entire "factory" is very clean, can not see a little dirt and debris.

Green vegetables can also grow healthy in the sun, and the mystery lies in these LED lights.

"LED plant growth lamps use light-emitting diodes as light sources, and lights can replace solar light to provide light energy for plant growth," said Zhao Xingyu, general manager of Amethyst Optoelectronics. The “plant factory” is actually a artificially simulated natural environment that provides all the conditions needed for plant growth.

“The cleanliness of the 'plant factory' that is closed to management is unimaginable,” said Zhao Xingyu. “LED' Plant Factory' is a 100,000-level clean workshop. This cleanliness is comparable to the pharmaceutical production workshop, so the leaves are planted. Vegetables do not need to be washed, they can be eaten directly."

Such a tall "plant factory" is very fine for the control of vegetable growth. The monitoring instruments distributed in the "factory" and the vegetable growing area constantly monitor the eight major indicators of nutrient availability and growth environment of vegetables. Almost all indicators are manually controllable.

Although the environment is controllable, the “plant factory” does not change the growth of plants. Zhao Xingyu said that LED plant growth lamps can meet the needs of plant growth by working for 12 hours a day. Unlike the natural environment, the vegetables in the “plant factory” take about 40 days from planting to harvesting.

The secret of the "plant factory" is that the vegetables are in a stable and constant growth environment, and are not affected by natural conditions such as seasons and climates. It can be continuously cultivated for 365 days and continuously harvested.

Use self-determination to play cross-border

Amethyst is well known in the industry for the production of synthetic sapphire crystals, which are the key materials for the production of LED lamps. Today they are involved in the agricultural sector and seem to be a span.

The “Plant Factory” was built using Amethyst Optoelectronics to master the advantages of artificial sapphire crystal core luminescent materials and self-developed LEDs.

Zhao Xingyu said that the plant construction cost is high, but its input-output ratio is also high. “The 'plant factory' can achieve continuous and efficient production. The vegetable yield of the 'plant factory' covering an acre is equivalent to the output of 60 mu under ordinary conditions. The equivalent conversion, the cost is not much, and the vegetables produced by the 'plant factory' The price is relatively high, and the income is unmatched by ordinary vegetable greenhouses," he said.

The reporter learned that the "plant factory" has a much longer service life than ordinary greenhouses, and the maintenance cost is relatively low. These have become the advantages of the "plant factory".

Next to the LED “plant factory”, the workers are taking care of a greenhouse. Zhao Xingyu said that this is a sunlight-utilizing greenhouse, which has a stronger ability to absorb sunlight and adopts hydroponic mode when plants are completed from “factory”. After cultivating, it can be transplanted here. In addition to natural sunlight, LED light-filling technology is supplemented when the light is insufficient to promote the effective growth of plants.

Today, the 4,000-square-meter “plant factory” project under construction by Amethyst is progressing smoothly, and it is expected that vegetable supply will be realized early next year. By then, the new “plant factory” will supply at least one ton of fresh vegetables a day.

Zhao Xingyu compared the development process of the “plant factory” to landing, rooting and flowering.

At present, the “plant factory” as a demonstration base is only “landing”. In the development of the agricultural field, Amethyst uses LED artificial light-filling technology to make up for the shortage of natural conditions, maximize the role of facility agriculture, and move toward high-tech agriculture, which is the “plant factory” "The expectation is."

"We hope to make full use of the technological advantages and extend the industrial chain of sapphire production to create a new growth point for the company." Zhao Xingyu said.

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