Smartphone hits low-end digital camera market

In the third quarter of last year, the sales volume of fool digital cameras dropped by 14% year-on-year

With the increasingly powerful mobile phone camera function, the market structure of smart phones and low-end digital cameras (known as fools or card machines, hereinafter referred to as fools, digital cameras) has been quietly affected. According to the latest data, sales of smartphones increased significantly in 2011, while digital cameras for the fools fell for the first time.

According to GfK China's national retail sales data, in the retail sales of the digital camera market in the third quarter of 2011, SLR cameras sold 560,000 units, up 22% year-on-year, while sales of digital cameras for fools were 3.14 million units. Declined by 14%. What is the situation in Chongqing market? According to Song Jie, head of digital communication procurement at Zhongbai Electric, the sales of digital cameras for fools dropped significantly last year and dropped 15 to 20% year-on-year. In the previous year, this trend was not obvious. In contrast, smartphone sales increased by 30% last year. "In addition to last year's earthquake in Japan, the impact of smart phones was also one of the reasons that led to the decline in sales of digital cameras for fools last year."

In Gome, Chongqing, sales of smartphones also increased by more than 30% last year, but digital cameras are not ideal. According to Li Ling, Gome's 3C business director, this kind of phenomenon in point-and-shoot digital cameras is more affected by the shortage of goods caused by the earthquake in Japan last year, but at the same time, he also acknowledged that the increasingly powerful camera function of smart phones has already been used by digital fools. The low-end digital camera represented by the camera caused a certain impact.

It is also known that smartphones are currently affected by low-end digital cameras represented by point-of-view digital cameras, high-end digital cameras such as SLRs and micro-singles, and the camera's camera function is not enough to pose a threat.

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