IBM predicts the inclusion of five smart technology grids

Since 2006, IBM has been preparing a "5-in-5" report each year, proposing five cutting-edge technologies that may be realized in the next five years. Every prediction sounds a bit crazy, like a plot in a science fiction novel. However, at the end of the first five years, IBM has proved its forward-looking and actionable ability using scientific and technological achievements. For example, in 2006, it was predicted that telesurgery could be achieved; in 2007, it is predicted that our mobile phone may become an electronic wallet, used to pay for tickets, etc.; holographic imaging technology that has been predicted has also begun to emerge...

IBM is not only forecasting the most promising new technologies, but also trying to identify the new technologies that are most likely to benefit the general public. Let's take a look at what IBM is thinking about the latest five-year plan.

Artificial Energy Benefits Life The World Energy Outlook annual report states that by 2035, global electricity demand will increase at an annual rate of 2.2%. Behind this data, many factors such as population growth, the rise of electric vehicles, and low-efficiency infrastructure construction are hidden. By empowering consumers and allowing them to participate in decision making, the energy industry can make breakthroughs in further accelerating the innovation cycle and formulating effective programs, and contribute to the sustainable development of the energy infrastructure.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to have practical, environmentally friendly tools available to consumers. Today, consumer motivation is inseparable from convenience, comfort, low cost, and digitization, but at the same time it needs appropriate tools and information services for the public to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

In Ireland, IBM scientists have conducted related research. They are exploring how to use the energy of the waves to generate electricity, and at the same time track the impact of wave power generation on the environment, thus minimizing damage.

Of course, not all artificial energy sources come from "giants." In daily life, a small device that can be easily carried around or attached to a bicycle can be used to collect the energy released by people.

IBM Research and Zurich-Electric Power Company EKZ jointly launched a new pilot project to enable consumers to easily use mobile devices to charge electric vehicles while monitoring their energy costs, which will help power companies better manage their peak hour Grid load.

In addition, IBM researchers said that based on the support of national laboratories and other organizations, they will further develop lithium-air batteries, so as to achieve the goal of “recharging 800 kilometers of electric power for electric vehicles”. If this research is successful, it will increase the energy of lithium-ion batteries by 10 times and avoid the burden of constant-voltage charging throughout the day.

Of course, artificial energy is not limited to cars, but also includes families, because people's movements, toilet water flow and all other kinetic energy will provide energy. The MIT research team has published a report proposing the concept of "parasitic power collection" to collect the energy generated by human movement. With a wide range of activities and a strong range of motion, a small antenna mounted on the sole can charge the phone with "parasitic power."

IBM plans to forge alliances with 150 smart grid projects worldwide to better serve humanity.

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