Hong Kong Introduces Good Practice Guidelines for Outdoor Lighting Installations

In order to reduce the light nuisance and energy waste that may be caused by outdoor lighting, the Hong Kong SAR Government launched the “Good Practice Guidelines for Outdoor Lighting Installations Industry” on the 26th to provide reference for the industry and related parties in planning outdoor lighting projects and daily operations.

According to reports, the "Guidelines for Good Practice in the Outdoor Lighting Installations Industry" mainly covers the guidelines for the design, installation and operation of outdoor lighting installations. The scope includes the operation period of lighting installations, automatic control of lighting installations, and light pollution control measures for lighting design. The division, contractor, device owner, property management company and user reference.

A spokesperson for the Environment Bureau of the SAR Government stated that the SAR Government had consulted about 100 groups when drafting guidelines. In addition, the outdoor lighting task force established earlier by the relevant parties is making reference to international experience and practices, and based on the situation in Hong Kong, studies and formulates a set of technical standards and parameters applicable to the regulation of outdoor lighting in Hong Kong.

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