LED light to improve the skin is true or false

LED light to improve the skin is true or false

In recent years, some businesses have claimed that LED red and blue light have an improved effect on the skin, and developed an LED beauty instrument. Users can stabilize their emotions and concentrate by irradiating the skin with blue light; red light can be used for the proliferation of collagen and improve small lines, pores, and swelling after surgery.

In this regard, many amateurs not only went to the beauty salon to spend money, and even bought their own LED beauty equipment to improve the skin, but some claimed that the LED light meter had little effect. What happened? The CCTV reporter conducted an investigation.

Citizens: Want to try a reporter interview and found that many people want to try to use LED beauty instrument to improve the skin.

Ms Zhang, the Lanzhou citizen, felt that her skin was not as good as she once was after she had finished her baby at the end of last year. For this reason, she purchased online so-called high-tech beauty products such as beauty instruments and beauty sticks. Recently I heard that the LED Illuminator can improve the skin, and she is busy studying it. "Actually, I don't really believe this can improve the skin. It's just that the skin hasn't passed the past. I just have to work hard to improve it," said Ms. Zhang.

Ms. Zhang is different from Ms. Zhang. Ms. Yu was originally a dry skin. Recently, the weather in Lanzhou became cold and the cold wind on the road was blowing badly. The skin was even more dry, especially the small lines that appeared in the eyes, which made her a little worried. "It should be able to improve the skin." Ms. Yu said. She is ready to go to the beauty salon to experience something. If there is an effect, she will prepare a new blood lamp. I will purchase an LED light meter online.

Reporter's investigation: It takes several times before it can be effective. The reporter visited several beauty salons in Lanzhou. Its staff all claimed that the equipment they use is professional equipment approved by the state and has no side effects and can improve the skin.

In the experience activities launched at a beauty salon in Lanzhou, there is a blue light project. The reporter called and consulted in the name of the customer. The staff member said: "By using the LED light meter, there are no side effects and can improve the skin."

Afterwards, the reporter went to the beauty salon and found that many customers were lying on the bed with masks on their faces and wearing goggles. The staff on the side turned on the light meter and it ended after about ten minutes. The staff of the beauty salon said: "We use imported equipment. Many customers have set up packages and use LED light to improve the fine lines of skin every week."

In a local beauty shop, the staff explained to the reporter that the LED lighting device they used was a company-specific equipment. The acne treatment was very effective and even promised to be invalid and refundable. The staff said that the device had no side effects and was a device approved by the state, but first a skin test was conducted and a treatment package was determined based on the skin problems and conditions.

In another beauty salon, the staff claimed that there was no difference between the equipment they used and the hospital. In terms of costs, the average course of treatment is 12 times and it costs 6,800 yuan. When reporters asked whether they could buy their own equipment at home, the staff member said: "Although there are no side effects to our equipment, we must do professional skin testing before use. Ordinary people may not be able to choose the right method."

Doctor: LED Illuminator can improve skin Wei Yuping, MD, Ph.D., MD, associate professor of dermatology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University, said that the LED photometer is clinically a photodynamic therapeutic range and can indeed improve the skin, but it must be used properly.

Dr. Wei Yuping, chief physician, MD, and associate professor of Department of Dermatology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University, said in an interview with CCTV.com that the LED lighting device is clinically a photodynamic treatment range and can indeed improve the skin, but it must be used properly.

Wei Yuping explained that LED photometers use light to treat, not heat. The skin is usually composed of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. Red and blue light can stimulate the metabolism of each cell's mitochondria and thus have a certain effect. Such as red light, the wavelength of 635 nm, in medical clinics, according to the red light can promote wound healing, increase the phagocytic capacity of white blood cells; in terms of beauty, it can stimulate and promote cell metabolism, collagen proliferation, can act on the skin The pores are tightened, and the skin is irritated and red. Blue light has a wavelength of 415 nanometers. In medical practice, Blu-ray has a bactericidal effect, so it is generally used for the treatment of acne, etc. In terms of beauty, it has an appropriate sedative effect on the skin, which can stabilize emotions and focus attention. However, Wei Yuping believes that the effect claimed by the business is still exaggerated.

In fact, general large hospitals will have red-blue devices, Wei Yuping said: “Ordinary people can choose to purchase equipment to improve their skin, but it must be noted that the selected products must be certified by the state, because some products are especially small Manufacturers of equipment, red and blue wavelengths do not meet the relevant regulations, that role is not very great. In addition, the use of red and blue devices can not be too high, not more than twice a week."

It can be seen that the LED photometer can improve the skin and it is true. Although cold light source is a natural treatment method to promote skin regeneration, experts also reminded the public that the frequency of using LED light meter should not be too high, at most twice a week. At the same time, the improvement of the skin is also related to many factors such as sleep, mood, and physical condition, and it cannot rely on this method alone.

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