The stroboscopic hazard cannot ignore who is the real murderer?

[Text / high-tech LED Gan Qin] LED lighting strobe is an old topic in the industry. Even so, this problem has not been solved. How much harm does the LED lighting strobe have? How to solve the stroboscopic problem from the root cause has become the focus of the industry.

Yao Mengming, technical director of Philips China, defines LED lighting strobe: an undesired visual change caused by fluctuations in light or light distribution over time in an environment. That is, there is a flash of frequency and a periodic flash of repetition.

Yao Mengming pointed out that the general stroboscopic effect is the change of motion perception caused by the fluctuation of light intensity or light distribution with time for the observer or user in a static environment.

So, what kind of damage will it bring to people in the long-term LED lighting strobe environment? Yao Mengming introduced that the main hazards are reflected in two major aspects: human health hazards and safety and health hazards.

"Human body hazards include possible headaches, migraine, fatigue; increased intraocular pressure, decreased visual function of the eyes, distracted attention; neurological problems such as photosensitive epilepsy." Yao Mengming said that safety is like visual illusion, including Rotating machines, road lighting and car lights.

Therefore, from a health point of view, how important is the use of LED lighting without stroboscopic lighting. Then the question is coming. What should be done to eliminate the focus of LED lighting strobe?

The industry said that the choice of LED light source and drive circuit is related to whether the lighting product is the key to strobe. LED light source and luminaire manufacturers can increase the cost of light source and drive power to ensure high-quality, cost-effective products without stroboscopic.

In the LED driver power industry, Delip is the first company to propose a strobo-free solution. “No stroboscopic, low harmonic, dimmable” is the technical route that the company has been adhering to for many years.

In the view of Pu Li, deputy general manager of Delip, the core of the stroboscopic LED lighting product is to ensure that the LED driver power supply has no stroboscopic. The company has launched 6-20W non-isolated non-strobo series; LED fluorescent lamp no stroboscopic series; 1-10W built-in bulb no stroboscopic series; 6-20W external downlight without stroboscopic series; 50-100W centralized External indoor lights without strobe series.

For the core of stroboscopic technology, Pu Cheng said, "We will output the LED driver control circuit as a straight DC current with fewer devices to ensure high conversion efficiency and high power factor of the circuit. The working mode ensures that there is no flickering water strobe when shooting with the camera (camera).

In the field of LED light sources, Zhonghao Optoelectronics, which has been the mainstay of “healthy and comfortable” light source, launched the cascading high-power light engine COB product in the first half of this year, and also emphasized the stroboscopic function.

Wang Jinhua, Marketing Manager of Zhonghao Optoelectronics, introduced the product's thermoelectric separation design to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. Secondly, the light engine can achieve stroboscopic function, and the PF value remains above 0.75. With a full full voltage range, AC90-300V can be used normally.

"We have tested the power of the product under different voltages and the stroboscopic test. It is very stable. When the voltage is doubled from 90V to 250V, the power is less than 2/3, and the power is in the range of 140-240V. It is also very stable, with less than 0.5W fluctuations," Wang Jinhua said.


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