Millet TV 3 60 inches violence dismantling split design internal structure exploration

On October 19th, the millet TV 3 was officially released. I believe that the appearance and function of the product have been understood by people from the evaluation experience articles of various media in recent days, but how does the split design work? What is the detailed panel and chip information? The price of 4999 yuan is worth it?

With these questions, Xiao Bian gave you the exclusive disassemble evaluation part of Xiaomi TV.

This is our millet TV 3 to be dismantled. From the official specification of the parameters, the 60-inch model adopts the LGD IPS panel. The panel information and the internal structure of the host are also our most concern.

Our dismantling tools include multi-function screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, rockers and magnifying glasses.

After putting the TV on the workbench, the next step is to dismantle the link. The millet TV has 22 screws on the back and a screwdriver can solve the problem.

Continue screwing. . . Electric screwdriver is quick.

After the screws are removed, the one-piece plastic backshell is easily opened, and the internal structure of the millet TV 3 is about to be revealed.

After unveiling the back panel, this is the case. The simplicity is unbelievable. After comparing the internal dismantling of a certain brand of 4K TVs, it can be said that Xiaomi TV 3's workmanship is really the conscience of the industry.

We further appreciate the circuit board of the TV, using a black board design, a variety of components above the decentralized arrangement, workmanship is more sophisticated.

A detailed view of the power section of the TV screen.

This part is the circuit board of the image processing and signal output part, and the dynamic image compensation and area backlight control are also handled in this part.

Next is the panel issue that we are more concerned about. It can be seen that the 60-inch IPS wide viewing angle panel from the original LG Display is used. The model of the panel is Xiaomi special MI60TV (T8). The packaging of the LCD module is Finished at Ruiyi.

Next is the control chip portion of the LCD module. At this point, a small screwdriver will come in handy.

It can be seen that the LCD control chip is the original LGD chip.

Let's look at the details of the LCD module, you can see the side-entry LED backlight is located in the lower frame part of the fuselage. Here, the dismantling of the screen part has come to an end. (remove the panel itself, the actual significance is not great)

The next step is to disassemble the main unit and the audio unit. First, take a look at the front.

The host and audio are all made of metal and the screw holes are underneath.

The process of disassembling the screws is the same as that of the screen, but it is not repeated.

After the screws are removed, they cannot be opened immediately because there are snap-fit ​​structures inside, and we need to use the fins we prepared.

Slowly open the upper cover of the main unit.

This is the complete structure after removing the cover, you can see the sound separated on both sides, the middle part is the motherboard chip.

Let's take a look at the control chip on the top cover.

To see the part of the motherboard, still use a small screwdriver to disassemble a few screws.

This is the complete motherboard part.

We use a magnifying glass to look at the details. The first big chip is the built-in MStar 6A928 TV processor, and the built-in Samsung memory chip next to it.

Let's look at the details on the motherboard.

The dismantling continues and it is now part of the dismantling of the sound.

Then we can remove the motherboard chip, a variety of interfaces and chips highly integrated, the layout is quite reasonable.

You can see the built-in 4 2.5-inch bass speakers and 2 20-ball dome tweeters. At the same time, Dolby Dolby Audio technology embedded, support for virtual surround, bass enhancement, dialogue enhancement, automatic volume balance function.

This is all the accessories after the host dismantling.

Here, the dismantling part came to an end, we can understand that this millet TV 3 is very clean and tidy, using the LG hard screen manufactured by LGD, split internal circuit layout is also more reasonable, detailed work fine, this is also Worth affirming.

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