How about the millet TV 3? 4999 yuan five selling point introduction

On October 19th, Xiaomi Company officially released the millet TV 3, as the next generation of smart TV new products, adopting a split-type design with advanced, 60-inch original LG 4K screen, standard independent TV audio, all-metal body design, built-in MStar 6A928 TV processor, with flagship hardware configuration, for only 4999 yuan, the challenge of the ultimate cost-effective. Millet TV host is released at the same time, there is no need to change screen to fully upgrade your TV, for only 999 yuan. Millet TV 3 and the host will be selling on Xiaomi Net on November 3rd.

Next-generation new millet TV 3 innovative split TV, the host and the screen completely separate, the screen can be made thinner, the host performance becomes stronger, the sound quality can be comparable to HiFi stereo. In addition, when the TV performance is outdated, you don't need to change the screen. You only need to upgrade the host computer at a low cost, so that your TV can keep up with the trend of technology.

Millet TV 3 screen

Millet TV 3 uses 60-inch original LG 4K screen, has a flagship TV picture quality, resolution up to 3840 × 2160, resolution is 4 times the 1080p, has a wide viewing angle of 178 °, 8 ms response speed, built-in MStar 6A928 TV processor unique MACE-Pro4 UC + fourth-generation high-definition quality engine, including a variety of image enhancement technology, using high color saturation technology, NTSC up to 85%, higher picture authenticity. Built-in 6M60 independent flagship image processing chip, equipped with high-end dynamic compensation program, and supports MEMC motion compensation technology, effectively eliminates moving image smearing.

Millet TV 3 stereo

Millet TV 3 also comes standard with independent TV audio, built-in four 2.5-inch bass speakers and two 20-ball dome tweeters, loudness up to 102dB (C) resounded 500 square meters of space. Built-in Dolby Dolby Audio technology supports virtual surround, bass boost, dialogue enhancement, and automatic volume balance. After four Grammy Award winners Luca Bignardi and millet acoustics experts tuned together. Millet TV 3 independent audio superiority performance is high tone, midrange, bass.

Millet TV 3 uses a thin, sturdy, all-metal body. The thinnest part is only 11.6mm. The thickest part is 26% thinner than the previous generation. The craftsmanship achieves a new level. The frame adopts dual 45° drilling process to form a unique diamond texture. Using the full metal panel on the back, the original MiPort interface allows you to connect the host and the screen with only one thread, making the back only one interface very concise.

Millet TV 3 interface design

The rich interfaces are all concentrated on the Xiaomi TV host, including 3 HDMI, 2 USB, VGA, network interface, AV, TV RF, to meet even closed-circuit television, even cable TV set-top boxes, computers, even game consoles, even music players , access network cable, insert U disk and other needs. With a full set of TV interfaces, all kinds of equipment you want to connect can be connected, making it easier to connect.

Millet TV 3 hardware configuration

Hardware, Xiaomi TV 3 built-in MStar 6A928 flagship TV processor, using Cortex-A17 core, contains 4 core CPU and 4 + 4 core GPU, clocked at 1.4GHz, overclocking up to 1.7GHz, with 2GB DDR3 three channel memory, can Easily navigate high-definition video, large-scale 3D games. Supports H.265 hard decoding, playing 4K movies at speeds of up to 60 frames per second. It also supports USB3.0, HDMI2.0, 802.11ac dual-band WiFi and other luxury 4K configuration, and also supports cutting-edge low-power Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

Millet TV 3 Classic MIUI

As a next-generation smart TV, Xiaomi TV 3 has built-in smart MIUI TV version TV system, witnessed by more than 150 million MIUI users, simple and easy to use, always caring, make your TV not only look good but also fun. Support a brand new video wall and operate the TV in a completely new way. Optional millet Bluetooth voice sense remote control to increase voice remote control and somatosensory game functions, while using the acclaimed cast screen artifact mobile phone with mobile phone, and can be connected with Xiaomi smart home products.

Millet TV 3 content upgrade

The content has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade. Xiaomi TV 3 has taken out 4 of the 7 content licenses in the country and created a video alliance with 1 billion US dollars. In just a few months, the content has increased from 240,000 to 440,000. The Hollywood blockbusters, domestic blockbusters with a box office of over 100 million, and expansion of the film and television drama library have been expanded again, and the live content has been updated and updated. Has a large number of movies, television dramas, variety films, animation films, documentaries. The quality and rich genuine video resources have become the core competitiveness of Xiaomi TV.

Millet TV host

The millet TV host was also released at the conference. The built-in independent audio sound quality is comparable to that of HiFi. The next-generation smart TV host does not need to change screens to fully upgrade your TV's performance, function, and content, making it consistent with the Millet TV 3, all-metal body. Design, support for a variety of external HDMI display devices, millet TV host for only 999 yuan.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Company, stated: “It takes 3 years for Xiaomi to research and develop TV. Millet TV 3 released today is a satisfying work. The quality, performance, function, technology and content all reach the flagship TV. Standards, in order to allow more rice flour to use such an excellent smart TV, directly smashing 60-inch 4K TV industry average price, millet TV 3 is priced at 4,999 yuan, Xiaomi is to make high-performance, cost-effective technology products."

Millet TV 3 has all the high-end features of the flagship 4K TV, 60-inch original LG 4K screen, light and thin metal body, built-in independent TV audio, support for wide color gamut, MEMC quality technology, the use of MStar 6A928 flagship TV processor, in addition to In addition, millet TV 3 continues to challenge the ultimate cost-effective, 60 inches for only 4999 yuan. Millet TV 3 and the host will be selling on Xiaomi Net on November 3rd.

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