AI is a big leap into Microsoft and Google has obvious advantages

Although most people do not really feel the existence of artificial intelligence around us, the artificial intelligence market is indeed gradually developing. According to the 2015 China Artificial Intelligence Market Research Report released by iResearch, the global artificial intelligence market is expected in 2020. The scale is about 119 billion yuan.

From the perspective of the artificial intelligence technology industry chain, technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM are paying more attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology services, while some technology giants and manufacturing companies focus on artificial intelligence for smart home and robotics. . For example, in the international market, Pepper, NAO and the domestic market, such as the selection of robot products.

With the VR market booming, the combination of VR and AI has become a hot market focus in the industry, and the combination of these two future technologies is likely to be the first to be used in the game market. In the past, those virtual reality and artificial intelligence The combined movie is likely to become a reality. Because both Microsoft and Google are doing AI research in the field of games, AlphaGo confirmed in March this year that it will challenge Blizzard's "StarCraft 2", and Microsoft is training artificial intelligence through Mojang's "Minecraft" game.

The game is just one of the development directions of artificial intelligence, because the game itself is also the technical ability to improve artificial intelligence. In the long run, artificial intelligence has a very broad use space in almost all fields such as medical care, agriculture, animal husbandry, military, manufacturing, service, retail, and people's livelihood. Different types of technology companies can have many development directions in the artificial intelligence market, but this market is still dominated by technology core enterprises. Whoever masters more advanced technologies will have the right to speak in the market.

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When it comes to the topic of technology-based enterprises, it is impossible to mention Google's AlphaGo. Recently, at GoRaTIngs, the world's professional Go ranking website, the chess game robot developed by the Internet search industry and the Chinese nine-segment player Ke Jie are engaged in a tug-of-war battle around the title of "the world's first master", despite the real confrontation between the two sides. No good time has been coordinated.

For ordinary people, the victory over the human world champion due to a set of chess programs has caused a sensation, more because Go is one of the hallmarks of human intelligence superiority. It seems that the territory of Go is also captured by machines, which means that human beings as long-lived people have faced severe challenges - but this kind of worry is not necessary. Against Google's cloud computing platform, AlphaGo's computing power is obviously far more than anyone. However, its algorithms and rules for deep learning are formulated by humans.

AlphaGo's high profile highlights Google's savvy acquisition of DeepMind – not only using Go robots to make a free advertisement for Google's technological leadership in areas such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, but also using the simulated nerves created by DeepMind. The Meta Network system reduced the energy consumption of its own data center for cooling by 40% and PUE by 15%. This is really a good deal of fame and fortune, a good deal. It is estimated that Microsoft and Facebook, which had previously bid for DeepMind with Google, are inevitably frustrated afterwards...

But even if Google can beat the human Go champion with the purchased DeepMind technology, it lost to Microsoft in another intelligence match related to artificial intelligence. At the 6th ImageNet Image Recognition Competition held at the end of last year, the image recognition system designed by Microsoft team defeated powerful competitors such as Google, Intel and Qualcomm, and won many first place. Moreover, related machine vision and image recognition technologies have been rapidly transferred by Microsoft to its artificial intelligence robot Xiao Bing - Microsoft Xiao Bing is perhaps the most popular robot to date, with only 42 million loyal users in China.

The giants who are equally helpless about Microsoft's image recognition technology may also have IBM. Watson's artificial intelligence developed by Blue Giant is famous. It is said that "it can create recipes, and can also be a conference recorder, a quiz contest champion, a museum guide...". However, in March of this year, Watson suddenly wanted to challenge the unfamiliar image recognition field, and then... then he was beaten. This image recognition application made the following judgments on a clear picture of Song Hye Kyo: 66% of the cone, 60% of the character, 65% of the child, 63% of the celebration, and 61% of the adult female.

Of course, Microsoft can easily defeat Google, IBM and other giants in the field of image recognition (which may also include speech recognition, speech synthesis, emotional computing, etc.), not to say that it has a comprehensive technical advantage, after all, for researchers, artificial Intelligence is a super-large category, and its branches are complex. The big players are all good at winning the field, and the startup company has the opportunity to come up later.

But all in all, artificial intelligence is still a market segment with a high threshold. It is not just that a company’s brain can be successful with resources, creativity, courage and hard work. Only those companies with deep technical accumulation and leading product layout will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the future artificial intelligence era.

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