Player-made Sunshine Mario VR Edition Full HD 60FPS

"Sunshine Mario" is an action game released by Nintendo in 2002. The story gives up the bridge for heroes to save the United States. It provides a new trail to tell Mario to travel to an island, but it is told by the islanders that people who are the same as themselves are beautiful. The small islands were so smoky that Mario carried a clean water gun and set out on an adventure.

Dolphin VR is an excellent VR software that emulates the Nintendo Gamecube game console. It effectively separates two images with different perspectives for virtual reality. The Galaxy Warrior Prime is a good example. More importantly, the recently released Dolphin VR already supports the latest consumer version of the VR headlines Oculus CV1 and HTC Vive.

From the video point of view, this special version of "Sunny Mario" is run using player-made HD texture packs. The initial frame rate is only 30 frames per second. Now it has reached 60 frames per second or higher. The higher the number of frames, the higher the number of frames. The better the effect for virtual reality. At present, the game is still a bit tricky during its operation. The pure faction thinks that texture does not bring much benefit to the game. At the same time, the game needs to use cheat code and disable some visual features. However, the game can already run and the quality of the game is improved. Very impressive. Do not like to add textures is also no problem, because the addition of texture packages is completely optional.

If you want to use virtual reality to go on a nostalgic journey, then you can look at how this article set up "Sunny Mario", but also need to ensure that your installation of Dolphin VR is the latest stable version.

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