The "Taihang" aero engine will explode in the air without relying on the experts to say

Russian media recently reported that China is trying to increase the operating temperature of the "Taihang" engine to 50 degrees Celsius. However, it is credible because it cannot produce a single-crystal blade with complicated process, which may cause the engine to explode in the air at any time.

"From the performance and application of the 'Taihang' engine, it is unlikely that there will be a major hazard such as 'air explosion.' If so, the 'Taihang' engine is about to be 'recalled', after all, no one will use the pilot. Life is going to take risks.” Professor Wang Qun, a military expert at the National Security and Military Strategy Research Center of the National University of Defense Technology, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter.

Aviation engines have always been a major bottleneck restricting the development of China's aviation industry. Everything about the aero engine will attract the attention of the world. According to the data, in December 2005, China’s self-developed and self-developed “Taihang” turbofan engine with large thrust and high thrust-to-weight ratio designed and shaped, marking China’s become the world’s number one after the United States, Britain, France and Russia. Five countries with independent research and development capabilities.

The reporter learned that compared with rocket engines, aero engines must be used in the atmosphere for a long time and reuse, so they must be durable, long working hours and high reliability. To develop and produce an aero-engine, a country or region must have long-term technical accumulation and a solid industrial base. As a result, few countries are currently able to master aero-engine technology and independently develop advanced military aero-engines, and the technology is used as an important strategic resource without any exception, and is highly controlled and monopolized. It is no exaggeration to call the aero engine the "gold jewel in the crown" of modern industry.

Wang Qun said, "It is generally believed that military engines must break through four major difficulties in research and development, namely design, materials, processing and assembly, and experimental demonstration. China's military aviation engines lag behind the world's advanced level in these four aspects, so they must be strengthened. The concept of long-term continuous research, earnestly sum up and fully understand the technical complexity, high risk and development rules of the engine. In the big aspect, we must increase investment, single independent items, advance research, accumulate engineering experience, and pay attention to technology and personnel reserves. Focus on small details, focusing on the key technologies of turbine blades, turbine disk materials and design processes, power control, and wind tunnel testing."

"But, some media said that the distance between the 'Taihang' engine and the Russian AL-35F engine is as far away as the Earth and the moon. It is a bit unobjective." Wang Qun pointed out that it should be acknowledged that the current "Taihang" engine and advanced foreign level There is a certain gap, but not as large as the turbojet and turbofan engines, there should be some gaps in some performances such as overhaul interval, life, noise or stability, and reliability. In fact, Russia is only in the second echelon in the world of aero-engines. Its AL-35F engine has a certain gap between the weight-to-weight ratio and life expectancy of similar engines in the United States and Britain.

“Conservatively speaking, in the field of aero-engines, China has basically reached the level of developed countries in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is an indisputable fact that China’s aviation engines have made significant progress and is now accelerating the shortening of advanced countries, especially It is the gap with Russia. With such development momentum and deep cooperation with Ukraine in aviation engines, China will soon keep pace with the development of aviation engines in the world's advanced countries and get rid of the constraints of these countries. The group said.

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