Dryer type and working principle

Introduction: Dryer is a kind of clean household appliances that use electric heating to instantly evaporate and dry the moisture in the washed laundry. It is especially important in wet areas and rainy seasons. What is the working principle of the dryer? What kind of distinction does it have? Here's a brief introduction for you.

Dryer type and working principle

The dryer is a method of increasing the temperature, lowering the temperature, increasing the speed of the air flow, and expanding the evaporation area so that the clothes can be dried quickly. The commonly used heating methods include heating wire heating, semiconductor (PTC) heating, and a heater composed of semiconductors to facilitate automatic temperature control, which is safe and reliable. It is not limited by the weather conditions, it is an effective device to reduce the large area of ​​drying and drying at any time.

1. Heating - Adjust the timer knob and temperature control switch so that the semiconductor heat source (PTC) heats the air.

2. Drying - Hot air vaporizes the moisture contained in the laundry and turns it into warm air.

3. Air Supply - Hot air containing water vapor is sent to the heat exchanger.

4. Dehumidification - After the fan cooling exchanger and the hot air containing water vapor pass through the heat exchanger, the water vapor condenses into a liquid and is discharged from the machine.

The types of dryers currently available on the market are straight-line dryers, heat-pipe condensation dryers, heat-pipe condensation dryers, and heat-pump air condensation dryers.

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