The living room changes due to "it", millet TV 3S 65 inch experience

TV, household appliances necessary for each home. From the day it was born, it was destined to become an indispensable product in people's daily life. China's first TV set dates back to March 17, 1958. It was born in the state-owned Tianjin Radio Factory. As for TVs entering the Chinese people's family, it was in the late 1970s. Listen to their parents, saying that due to the scarcity of state supplies at the time, all the daily necessities must be purchased with a ticket. The television was definitely a luxury at the time. It was not only expensive, but also needed a trustee to find a relationship to buy home. At the time, the televisions were 9-inch and 14-inch black and white televisions.

Time passes, the TV industry has grown by leaps and bounds. From the cumbersome CRT TV to today's ultra-thin and lightweight LCD TVs, the quality of the picture and the production process can no longer be the same as the previous era. The sudden emergence of the Internet has instilled young blood into the traditional television industry. Vigorous technology companies have taken the lead in targeting the Internet appliance industry, which has brought a huge impact to traditional TV brand manufacturers. The constant sluggish market share of traditional TV brands is not unrelated to the rise of Internet brands such as Xiaomi. Xiaomi has been focusing on the construction of smart homes in recent years. The weapon that will occupy the young family's living room is necessarily the Internet smart TV product. It not only possesses all the traditional TV functions, but also integrates the excellent video resources of the Internet and is full of intelligent interactions. Today, Xiao Ji brought this product to Xiaomi TV's 3S 65-inch split smart TV, which was released on September 27 this year by Xiaomi. How does it perform? Let's talk slowly below.

Here is a simple opening box, in fact, this link should be omitted. However, the principle of everything from scratch is still a simple description for everyone. Product packaging is still the simple style of Xiaomi, but the details are very good. Both the bottom snap-on design and the top out-of-the-box attention reminded the details of the decision-making philosophy. After the outer carton is removed, the internal TV body is firmly embedded in the custom-made shock-proof foam.

The accessories include two foot brackets and a wire accessory box. The bottom foot brackets are placed in the mold of the shock-resistant foam on the top of the left and right sides, while the wire accessory box is independently placed on the bottom of the foot. The inner parts of the package are: a TV panel, a TV host, left and right feet, cable and output cables, a remote controller, and a very user-friendly screwdriver.

First, install the TV with accessories. The two foot stands are respectively installed in the bottom slots on the two sides of the TV panel. The left and right sides of the bracket are engraved with the letters L and R, respectively. Fix the foot bracket to the TV panel with the supplied screwdriver and the included fixing screw. Then, insert the MI cable of the power cable and the data transmission into the slot of the corresponding backplane of the body, and then connect the power supply to the other end and insert the split TV set to complete the installation.

After the TV is assembled, the protective film around the screen must be torn off first to avoid blocking the heat dissipation effect during use, thereby causing damage to the TV itself. Millet TV also made a corresponding reminder in this part, and it is indeed enough to work on the details.

The millet TV 3S 65-inch version of the border using ultra-thin metal texture design, with dazzling gold texture can better demonstrate this product's noble place. 9.9mm slim fuselage is equivalent to the thickness of a millet note2, 45-degree drilling and cutting of the overloaded frame with metal brushed backplane, in the overall sense is definitely not like the strength of the beautiful faction.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version of the bracket part of the all-metal design, the texture is very sturdy and strong. Non-slip foot pads are installed at the bottom of the bracket to greatly improve the placement stability. You can put it calmly in any flat place, no longer have to worry about whether you can support this 65-inch monster and distressed.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version is a split-type design, TV screen and television hardware set apart. The advantage of doing this is that you can upgrade your TV's hardware system independently without changing the screen size. Let's start by talking about the TV host part of this product. Millet TV 3S 65-inch version of the TV host should be the second version, it replaced the metal material of the previous generation of television host and instead cover the surface of the host in the form of a cloth, the button is also changed from metal to plastic material. To do so I want to have two purposes. The first is to make the TV host more lightweight, and the second is to reduce the production cost. After all, such a large 65-inch split TV is only 4,999 yuan.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version of the front of the TV host physical keys and the same function as the previous generation, the top for the power button, the middle circle for the four directions up and down buttons, the center for the play button, the bottom is the music shortcut (in the not open Press the CN button while the screen is on to connect music playback). In addition this host in the interface configuration is also very rich, from right to left are: HDMI high-definition interface three, one USB3.0 interface, one USB2.0 interface, one MI PORT interface, one Ethernet interface, AV video A set of interfaces, an audio output interface, a digital TV antenna interface and a separate 19V power interface. This comprehensive expansion allows you to connect many extended products to enrich everyday use.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version of the TV host, is also very good in terms of hardware. With 64-bit flagship processor, 4-core high-performance CPU, Cortex A53 architecture, clocked at up to 1.8GHz, multi-application at the same time open completely no problem. The 2+2 core high-performance GPU image processing is more exquisite and delicate, and the high-performance T830 is more flexible than the special effects screen. 28nm process technology, high performance and low power consumption. 2GB of dual-channel memory and 8GB of high-speed flash memory are even faster in terms of transmission speed and readability. Real 4K decoding, playing high bitrate beauty to eat 4K video of roast duck, even if fast-forward switching does not have any feeling of carding, the playback experience is very smooth.

In terms of audio, Xiaomi TV's 3S 65-inch version of the TV host uses two front 2.5-inch mid-woofer speakers, made of high-molecular polyurethane composite materials, to ensure rapid low-frequency reflection while more powerful, and taking into account the midrange Area is not distorted. Two high-purity mulberry silk 20-core dome tweeters are used in the front, which can more naturally show the magnificentness of the treble area in the playing music state. If you want to achieve 3D stereo surround effects, or buy a theater version. A 6.5-inch woofer has been added to provide excellent bass extension and extension. The combination of two 2.25-inch full-range wireless loudspeakers on the rear side is more abundant and full of smooth and smooth display of sound, effectively complementing the insufficiency of various sound zones, and perfectly presenting the best audition effect. Of course, if you want to achieve perfect audio enjoyment, you have to pay an additional RMB 1,000.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version is absolutely excellent in screen quality, using the original Samsung 4K screen, resolution: 3840*2160, providing 8.26 million pixels. The ultra-high-definition 65-inch large screen is absolutely superb shock on the display. The Ultra HD display is four times the 1080P, and every detail can be seen clearly.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version uses HDR technology on the screen display to help you sublimate the picture quality to a new height. A new generation of image quality engines, an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, NTSC's high color saturation of more than 85%, and more than a dozen finely tuned screens that display stunning images in front of our eyes. It also has an intimate eye protection mode, and it will not feel as if you are watching for a long time. SAV low light leakage display panel, the liquid crystal body of the screen is more closely matched with the frame, and the light leakage rate is controlled within the range that cannot be observed by human eyes. Whether it is a highlight scene or a black screen, you can deeply experience the quality of this screen.

Talking about the quality part, the 4K is definitely not a joke. Millet TV 3S 65-inch version uses a Samsung 4K screen, below we have compiled a 4K TV resolution test chart by Qian Yuankai, 4K TV color performance and angle test chart, 4K TV tone level restore test chart, one by one Come to analyze with you.

In terms of resolution testing, the millet TV 3S 65-inch version is still very clear and sharp after zooming in with the red font. Whether it is black and white or color, can accurately restore the display. The real 4K screen that is enough to meet the millet TV 3S is definitely not a fake style.

In the color reproduction part of the color space, each color is very perfect. The color reproduction is also relatively accurate, and the boundary areas of G, B, R, Y, C, and M in the lower left corner color segmentation diagram can all exhibit triangles. In the wide-angle test, the millet TV 3S with a large and wide angle of 178 degrees is even more impressive.

The final test is a grayscale test. The maximum visible level of the human eye is 250, and the maximum dark level is 5. The contents of the red dotted line in the figure are looming. Parts of contrast, brightness, and gradation all performed well. In the 21st level of gray-scale transition, it can be clearly distinguished, without the phenomenon of skipping and gradation, and the smoothness of the transitional portion is excessively smooth, and the 256-level grayscale test chart is also excellent.

Share the next set of real shot pictures for everyone to enjoy. Due to various reasons such as photography and display, it is impossible to completely restore the real scene. Friends who like this product can go to the local millet store for experience viewing.

On the system side, Xiaomi TV 3S 65-inch version uses the latest PatchWall puzzle wall artificial intelligence TV system, it has artificial intelligence learning technology to add more familiar with each user's use habits, thus deep memory and calculate the user more What kind of content do you like? Each time the user uses the TV, it is also the learning time of this system. When the user grasps the content you like, it will be pushed to the screen home page for the user to choose to watch. Over time, it will surely be your close friend. PatchWall puzzle wall changes the monotonous style of the past, using a magazine typesetting mode, so that each picture has a sense of fashion. Unlimited scrolling and modularization, you can directly view the details of the content you want to view.

One of the advantages of Xiaomi is video resources. Lei Bojin has been looking for resource sharing and cooperation with major video content companies to achieve a true content industry ecosystem. After Xiaomi invested and connected Youku Potato, iQiyi, and Tencent videos, another major video platform, Sohu Video, was also listed among Xiaomi. Richer high-quality network drama resources, the recent heat of the "forensic Qin Ming" also logged into the millet television content plate. Millet TV has launched a random purchase membership model, and the ultra-low price of 199 yuan a year can have the dual VIP status of Xiaomi TV and Iqiyi. You can watch the latest movie resources and more quality content.

Millet TV artificial intelligence TV system, optimized voice operation capabilities. Millet TV with intelligent voice operation can be quickly presented to you by speaking the content you want to watch through the voice remote controller. Regardless of old and new content resources, it can do it seriously. Its wisdom is not only that, but you can also tell it to speed forward for 10 minutes and back three minutes. These are based on the remote voice search function, but the premise is that you have to buy a millet Bluetooth remote control somatosensory, this feature is not standard. With this phonetic somatosensory remote control can support the game in the mall's various sports games, will be able to achieve the purpose of fitness and entertainment without leaving home.

Speaking of the game, Xiaomi TV 3S 65-inch version of the product still supports access to millet Bluetooth handle function. After connecting via Bluetooth, you can turn your smart TV into an ultra-large game console, and you can enjoy a fun game by downloading your favorite game through the millet game mall. I was thinking about how happy the children are now. After the 80s, when we wanted to play games, we had to risk being punished by parents for secretly playing in the game room. With millet TV 3S will be able to pick up at any time anywhere in the home up, 97 fighting such a classic game, millet video game mall also all Oh!

Shooting photos, casting video, millet TV 3S can be a zero distance mobile phone contact with Xiaomi. By downloading Xiaomi Screencast Artifact, you can have all the functions of the remote control, and you can also support the delivery of photos and wonderful videos from your mobile phone to your TV. You can share your wonderful moments with family and friends through a big screen. moment.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version is also very good in the panel temperature and speaker decibel performance, in the temperature test process, continuous boot playback pictures and 4K video one hour front panel temperature is only 23.7 degrees Celsius. In terms of speaker decibel performance, there is 71.3 decibels to open the sound to one-fifth of the speaker's voice, which can definitely meet the needs of everyday households.

Having said so much, it is time to conclude. Xiaomi company has been adhering to the consistent concept of Lei Boss since entering the television industry, so that all the rice noodles can enjoy the fun brought about by science and technology. The appearance of the millet TV has refreshed the profits of the entire television industry. The high-quality, low-priced feedback is for fans who love it. With its own consistent way to give back to consumers, it has been constantly improving and innovating. Millet TV now covers a variety of sizes in both flat and curved versions, including 43,48 inches for the bedroom, 50, 55, and 60 inches for the small living room, and 65, 70 inches for the luxury version. For all levels of family use.

Millet TV 3S 65-inch version is still very good during the experience, large-screen viewing is absolutely very shocking. True 4K Samsung original screen in the quality of performance and color reproduction are relatively accurate, joined the intelligent PatchWall puzzle wall artificial intelligence TV system is even more to this product even more powerful. The main thing is that Xiaomi already has an ecological chain of real video resources, which is more than one heavyweight than Leyou. At the same time I have a few small suggestions, the standard remote control is a simple version. In fact, it is not so stingy, and you want to implement a voice search function you have to buy separately, which is time-consuming and laborious. There is the sale of the millet TV rack is really too expensive, a treasure can easily start with dozens of pieces. There is also a ridiculously high number of host racks. If possible, millet companies will choose more inexpensive suppliers of accessories to work together to gain more benefits for rice flour. Thank you for watching this evaluation. I'm Xiaoji and we'll see you next time!

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