Are you irritable? As long as you pinch this feeling, you will be refreshed.

Tencent Digital News (Dani Yi) In the past, due to the limitations of humans' understanding of thinking, we often couldn't find a reasonable cause and could not find a solution to their own or others' emotional dilemmas. The mind has accumulated many contradictions.

Do you sometimes feel irritated, unable to concentrate, feel tight in your body, and want to do something to vent your body's violence, but you have nowhere to start.

In the eyes of others, this kind of you may be a bit strange, you may also suspect that you have ADHD, but in fact, you may just have a lot of inspiration in your mind, can not find the release of law!

So, to solve this problem, someone has specifically designed DIDGETS to meet this demand of some people. It is a tool that helps you to focus and clear your thoughts.

It is them~

It is made of marble with a beautiful shape and hard touch. Under the meticulous design of the designers, it has a very comfortable feeling to use, so that you don't want to let go when you pick it up.

The Rollers: One hand can completely control, with its help, you can use the other hand to focus on what you want to do.

The Cubix: You can press it quickly to vent your body's irritability, or you can calmly stroke it into a cool, sleek shell, soothe your mind and calm your mind.

The Squishy: You can lick it, beat it, bounce it, press it, hold it, grasp it, and let you have a strong sense of vent.

Although the design form it now draws is simple, the design process is quite complex and delicate. It is a research study conducted by a number of psychologists and experts in the field of neuroscience on the psychological issues of the public for a long time. Later, to find out the contradictions, the designer then combined the ergonomic tools with well-designed results.

Its design concept is to help people use foreign objects to ease their mood, clarify ideas, express inspiration and bring you a comfortable mood experience.

Source: kickstarter

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