Beijing Nanhaizi Country Park Night Lighting Design

Zhongzhao Lighting Engineering Design Award (3rd Prize in Square Park)

Project Name: Night Lighting Design of Beijing Nanhaizi Country Park

Reporting unit: Beijing Orr Environmental Art Co., Ltd.

The extension line of Beijing Nanhaizi Park on the south central axis has a historical connotation that reflects the functions of modern life and culture.

Industrial layout of Daxing District - "Three Cities, Three Belts, One Axis, Multiple Points, Networked".

Judging from the future urban pattern of Daxing District: Nanjiao Ecological Park is located in the center of “Three Cities”. It has considerable contact area with Daxing, Yizhuang and Xinhangcheng. With the rapid urbanization process, Nanjiao Ecological Park will become a Composite green composite. The construction of the park will definitely increase the added value of the industrial park, and the development of the industry will support the construction and sustainable development of the park.

Nanhaizi is the largest wetland in Beijing in history. It is the royal hunting ground of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and the royal courts of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a total of twelve emperors have traveled to Nanhaizi for a total of more than 130 times. They have been hunting, parade, and playing music, leaving a large number of relics and poems and paintings to form the core value of the park.

2. Innovations in lighting design concepts and methods:

Four highlights:

1. Cultural heritage---In the image of the first city park in Jingnan, reflecting the inheritance of the royal culture of Nancheng,

2. Country Features - Creating the First Country Park in Beijing

3. Wetland features---Reshape the natural water system of Nancheng City.

4. Eco-energy conservation, using ecological concepts, energy-saving technologies to create green environmental parks

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