Analysis of the global LED backlight market trend in the second half of 2012

Although the LED chip and package utilization rate continued to be high in the second quarter of 2012, the LED backlight market in the third quarter was affected by the European debt crisis and the slow growth of China's domestic demand. The market confidence was insufficient and did not appear as expected. Strong demand for goods, manufacturers tend to be conservative. Whether the brand factory will have the chopping action in the third quarter still depends on the sales of the end products.
In the third quarter, the LED package of TV backlight application, such as 7030, 3528 and other specifications, after mass production to achieve economies of scale, the average reduction is about 5~6%. The remaining LED backlight applications have limited room for decline, with an average reduction of about 2~3%. .
Affected by the sluggish environment, smart phones and tablet manufacturers have lowered their shipping targets. In terms of smart phones, 2012 global estimated shipments reached 666 million units, compared to LED brand manufacturers at the beginning of the year. The expected number of manufacturers has been revised down by approximately 55 million units, and the corresponding orders for high-brightness side-emitting LEDs have also decreased by nearly 425 million. Although the customer's visibility in the second half of the year is unknown, due to the increased brightness required for the backlight of the mobile phone, the LED backlight of the mobile phone has dropped by about 2 to 3% on average this quarter.
In addition, global notebook computer shipments will show zero growth in 2012, which will also affect the growth of LED backlights in notebook applications. However, compared with this, the demand for tablet PC market in 2012 is still strong, and the annual shipment growth rate is YoY+52%. However, Apple has swept the 60% market share of tablet PCs. In Apple's demand for high-brightness package specifications, the patent layout of LEDs needs to be complete. The LED package supply is divided by two major Japanese packaging factories. This quarter's 0.8t side view LED The quotation dropped by 3%, and the price of the 3014 package used by the notebook computer was too close to the cost, and it fell by only 2%.
In 2012, LED backlights saw 73% of TV penetration rate. In 2013, new regulations LED package relays came into play.
At the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third quarter of each year, it is the time for the development of new TV models in the next year. In addition to the Japanese TV brand in 2012, the Korean brand has not yet been clarified due to some LED patent lawsuits. The use of the Taiwanese packaging factory has a complete patented LED package, and it is expected that some Taiwanese manufacturers will have an opportunity for LED package volume at the end of 2012.
The sales of low-end direct-lit LED TVs in the first half of the year were not as expected. However, after the market sales volume of the 3528 package was increased, the price reduction was larger. The average decline in this season was 6%, and the average drop of 7030 was about 5%. In the low-order direct-type 2013, the number of LED backlights will be reduced by another 30%. Taking 32-inch LCD TVs as an example, with the same LED package of 3528, the drive current is increased to 400mA, and the number of LEDs will be reduced from 32 to 32. 21, LEDinside estimates that this year's LED-backlit TV penetration will grow from the 65% estimated at the beginning of 2012 to 73% under the influence of the Korean brand's early elimination of CCFL backlight TV.
In the second half of 2012, the uncertainties in the recovery of the economy will continue to be sluggish in the third quarter, and the LED backlight inventory level will continue to rise. There may be manufacturers to cut orders for orders for repeated stocking.
Therefore, if the LED industry can increase brand strategy alliance or continuously develop product added value, such as lowering the voltage at the same brightness or higher brightness to achieve power saving demand or reduce the number of LEDs used in the backlight, the LED in the competition can be greatly reduced. Substitution in the industry.

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