License plate recognition and electronic police system product analysis and selection

The vehicle license plate automatic identification system is a special computer vision system with a specific target for automobile licenses. It is one of the important research topics of computer vision and pattern recognition technology in the field of intelligent transportation. It can be widely used in traffic flow detection, traffic control and induction. , airport, port, community vehicle management, automatic parking without parking, red light and other illegal vehicle monitoring and vehicle security and security. Nowadays, from the perspective of urban security, the application of license plate recognition extends from the field of vehicle management to the public security field. Theft of vehicles, criminal vehicles involving vehicles and blacklisted vehicles are all opportunities for license plate recognition technology.

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This article makes the following analysis of new products and technologies in license plate recognition and electronic police development:

First, the analysis of license plate recognition system

At present, there are only a handful of companies with independent intellectual property rights in China, but the competition is fierce. Even so, it has not yet entered the stage of big price wars because of its high license plate recognition technology and high threshold. China's companies such as Sichuan Dazhisheng, Asian Vision, Kunming Lipu Machine Vision, Wuhan Hanwang and other companies have deep knowledge in the field of license plate recognition, and domestic companies are no less inferior than foreign companies in the professional field, such as Sichuan University Zhisheng Company in 02 When I was doing gridding test for Shenzhen, I won the first place in more than ten companies in the world at that time, and exceeded the foreign counterparts such as Israel.

License plate recognition technology is the core technology in the electronic police system, and today's electronic police system has entered a development stage of multi-application and multi-technology combination in function and application.

First of all, the functions of the electronic police system have expanded from vehicle illegal capture to traffic flow collection, traffic monitoring, traffic guidance and other applications, and become the basis of intelligent traffic management systems. With the precipitation of electronic police system applications and the systematic standardization and standardization of equipment, the electronic police will continue to improve in technology, and the improvement of user demand will lead to the improvement of its functions and the improvement of its performance. Therefore, the function of the future electronic police system will also break through the existing singleness of red light, speeding and capture, and be led by a more intelligent integrated electronic police with multiple technologies to become the basis of the intelligent traffic management system. The central management platform's powerful data processing capabilities form a road traffic management program that integrates prevention, control, and combat.

Second, the front-end capture image system analysis

Today, most of the electronic police's front-end capture devices use civilian equipment, and the most frequently used products are the Olympus and Kodak products. Since the digital camera used by the electronic police is an ordinary civilian device rather than an industrial grade product specially developed for the electronic police, it has many defects: 1. It is not suitable for continuous operation in harsh environments; 2. The device communication protocol is not open, and it cannot be The basic parameters of the equipment such as aperture, focal length, etc. are set by software, and the field adaptability is poor. 3. The equipment needs to be modified to achieve shooting and other operations, resulting in poor stability and reliability of the equipment; 4. The time lag of equipment capture is large. Kodak's introduction of the DC50/DC90/DC200 has eclipsed the market for vehicle capture due to the high cost of repairs.

Therefore, once the high-definition industrial-grade camera reaches the practical stage, the video electronic police with high-speed continuous shooting, real-time video, video detection, high stability, low failure rate and other inherent advantages will inevitably replace the "digital + video" electronic police and become an electronic police product. Mainstream. For example, Shenzhen Ao Lingtong and Beijing Tongye Xingchuang Company have launched such industrial-grade cameras, which has become a highlight in the industry.

The selection of products is also an important part. It is not advisable for engineers and owners to deliberately emphasize or adhere to the recognition rate. Because the electronic police system is an engineering project, it must be installed and debugged. In this way, we can understand why the same product has a license plate recognition rate of 80%-100% after some works, and some only 30%-40%. The supplier considers whether the partner can do according to our requirements. The engineer considers whether I can have enough experience to do the project and make the product work. Therefore, dealer conferences and product training are important links for communication between suppliers, integrators and engineering companies.

Third, the industrial control host and other hardware components analysis

For the hardware part, the industrial computer products have been applied quite mature, and the stability of well-known brands has also been well protected. Domestic enterprises such as Beijing Zhonglian Tongda, Nanjing Sambo, Shanghai Baokang, Shenzhen Harbin Institute of Technology have already used embedded very early. Industrial computer development products. Embedded industrial computers perform exceptionally well in terms of compression volume, temperature control and stability. Due to the rapid development of industrial control boards, the use of simple operating systems and electronic disks, optimized acquisition cards, the overall product performance and stability are greatly improved than the previous software identification. Moreover, the industrial control board has been made very small, so small that it can be placed in the camera cover, and placed together with the camera, so that the camera and the identification board, fill light as one of the license plate identifier, easy to install and debug. At present, cameras incorporating license plate recognition technology have appeared on the market. Due to the hardware detection method, the stability of the system is greatly enhanced.

Fourth, radar speedometer analysis

In 2003, the Ministry of Public Security introduced the standard for automatic red light recording system, which made requirements for illegal capture of pictures: red light, zebra crossing, time, license plate and continuous process. However, the standard is non-enforceable, so the reality is that the practice is different everywhere. Some traffic police detachments use only one picture as a punishment standard, and some require pictures and video to be combined. In addition, the judgment of speeding capture is also difficult to measure, and it needs to cooperate with the local measurement department and re-measure it once a year. The error of the speed measurement using the ground induction coil is very large, usually using radar speed measurement. The low-end "spark" radar speedometer to the high-end German "6F" radar speedometer is very common in China.

The Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway began to be equipped with the "6F" radar speedometer in 2005. When the 6F instrument came in handy, it was a sensation, and the effect was very obvious. However, the data obtained by the detachment on the 6F speed measurement has not been able to cooperate with the local detachment. Sharing resources with the vehicle management offices of other provinces has virtually increased the difficulty of controlling speeding violations. At the same time, the annual maintenance cost of 50,000 yuan has also discouraged many cities with insufficient finances. We are optimistic about the market prospect of ultra-speed capture, regardless of the high-end and low-end market will have a good performance in 2008.

V. Conclusion

The Ministry of Public Security promulgated two industry standards in 2004: "General Technical Conditions for Automatic Red Light Recording System" (GA/T496-2004) and "General Technical Conditions for Intelligent Monitoring and Recording System for Road Vehicles" (GA / T497-2004), for red light The technical specifications of the electronic police and the security card are made in more detailed rules, and the technical standards are unified, which provides a benchmark for the product selection of the traffic management department. The Road Traffic Safety Law, promulgated in 2005, solves the problem of law enforcement effectiveness that has long plagued the traffic control department. At the same time, the Ministry of Public Security and relevant authorities have been introducing various standards and norms, such as GA 329.x 2003 "National Road Traffic Management Information Database Specification", GA 409.x 2003 "National Road Traffic Management System Data Exchange Format", GA 408.x 2003 "Road Traffic Violation Management Information Code", these standards and norms are promoting the development of the electronic police system industry in a standardized and orderly direction.

We tried to investigate the license plate recognition and the electronic police market share, but the market is still not standardized, and local protectionism is so good that it is impossible to make objective statistics. However, the construction of intelligent transportation system is a major systematic project, which requires the participation of enterprises and the government. Therefore, in terms of intelligent transportation promotion strategy, the government will actively promote the development of intelligent transportation industry. The government is in the front, middle and late respectively. Play a leading, guiding and supervising role. Nowadays, the government has done a lot of work in the development of leading industries and regulating the industry. I believe that in the near future, the electronic police industry will usher in a new market boom.

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