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A complete new home, a high-quality kitchen, is not just a simple kitchen appliance purchase, but also incorporates the home of the family. The following knowledge can help you as a good wife or a good gentleman at home, and easily implement the kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Hood: When using the hood, keep the air circulation in the kitchen, prevent the air in the kitchen from forming a negative pressure, and ensure the suction capacity of the hood; to avoid excessive noise, excessive vibration, oil leakage, oil leakage, etc. The hood should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive oil on the surface of the motor, turbine and range hood; do not disassemble the hood to clean it, and let the professional staff of the manufacturer operate it.

Disinfection cabinet: Try to disinfect and disinfect once a day, which not only plays the role of anti-virus, but also prolongs the service life of the disinfection cabinet. At the same time should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not less than 30 cm from the wall. Do not put the tableware with water into the cabinet and do not use it frequently. As a result, the components and metal surfaces of the disinfection cabinet are oxidized by moisture, which may easily burn the tube seat or other components.

Microwave oven: Microwave oven is a kind of high-tech home appliance. If abnormality or malfunction is found, it should be notified to the maintenance department of the manufacturer or the special maintenance point for repair. Do not repair or continue to use it yourself. Because of the high voltage stored in its high voltage circuit, it will be exposed to high voltage electric shock.

Rice cooker: After using the inner pot, the outer pot must be dried and placed in the rice cooker. The outer casing and the heating plate should not be soaked in water. Only cut off the power and wipe it off with a damp cloth. At the same time, it should not be placed in a place with corrosive gas or moisture.

Water heater: Pay attention to check whether the gas supply pipe (rubber hose) is in good condition, whether there is aging or crack, and it is necessary to deal with the abnormal phenomenon in time. The water filter should be cleaned regularly and observed for water leakage. Every half year, a qualified professional technician should be entrusted to check whether the heat exchanger is soaked and blocked, and cleaned up in time to ensure the normal operation of the water heater.

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