Sea-platinum crystal 10-inch sapphire substrate comes out

[High-tech LED reporter Hu Yanling] Following the announcement of mass production of 4-inch and 6-inch sapphire substrates in February, Suzhou Haibo Crystal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Haibo) will report to Xircom: The company has successfully produced 10-inch crystals in the near future. Ingots, the yield rate is over 80%. At present, an epitaxial plant in Taiwan has a strong interest in Haiplatin crystal 10-inch sapphire substrates and intends to jointly develop.

“In the global market, only Rubicon and Monocrystal can achieve 10 inches. We are the third in the world and the first in China.” Fang Jianxiong, president of Haibo Crystal, revealed that the company plans to test 12-inch sapphire substrates next year.

At the beginning of the establishment of the sea platinum crystal, the large-size sapphire substrate market was locked. Fang Jianxiong introduced that the company's long crystal technology is an advanced thermal control method. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can be produced in large size, the maximum size can be 12 inches, and the crystal index can be guaranteed to be the same, just like the industrial products.

Although it also has 2 inches of products for domestic companies, the big size is its advantage. Fang Jianxiong revealed that the company has successfully entered the Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean markets to provide 4 inch and 6 inch products. The Japanese and Chinese markets are the largest markets for Haibo Crystal, with revenues accounting for 30% of the company's revenue, Taiwan's revenues of 25% and South Korea's 15%.

"In fact, domestic and foreign Yanhe chip companies are slowly introducing 4-inch sapphire substrates." Fang Jianxiong said that although the price of 4-inch substrates is now 5-6 times higher than the price of 2-inch substrates, Processing operations and capacity, in fact, the cost of 4 inches is lower than 2 inches, and 4 inches of equipment and 2 inches of equipment are universal. “There are several epitaxial plants in China that are starting to take 4-inch sapphire substrates with us.”

At present, the company's monthly production capacity is equivalent to 60,000 pieces of 4 inches. It is estimated that the annual production capacity will be 4 inches to 4 million pieces after the equipment is fully produced in 2014. Fang Jianxiong revealed the company's sales target: In 2013, the annual sales reached 50 million US dollars. In 2014, the annual sales of the equipment exceeded 150 million US dollars.

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Industrial Grow Light

Industrial Grow Light

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Industrial Grow Light

Industrial Grow Light

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