Is VR crazy to attack smart TVs?

Oculus expressed that it may enter China in the near future. This has caused many domestic Internet TV giants to feel threatened. VR will be a consensus in the future to reach the homes of ordinary people. With the gradual maturity of VR (virtual reality technology), VR Popularization will be an inevitable trend in the future. As a brand-new game and audio-visual technology, its presence may impact the television market. Is it impossible to avoid the VR and TV living room?

When we talked about VR a few years ago, we felt that it was a technology that transcended the times and was far away from us. Now we talk about this topic again and everyone is very familiar with it. Many like cutting-edge technology. The small partner may have already started VR equipment. The basic VR equipment such as Storm Mirror in China has enabled many domestic VR fans to have a basic understanding of virtual reality.

With the release of mature VR devices from well-known foreign manufacturers such as HTCViv, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR, the topic of VR has reached its peak in 2016. The torrent of VR is almost inevitable. These mature virtual reality devices are in the movies. Or the game has excellent performance, and as a traditional living room entertainment equipment - TV, in all aspects are very mediocre, the status of the TV in the living room may become precarious!

VR viewing seconds kill various TVs

If you just watch the video effect, VR is definitely a technology to kill all kinds of TV. The immersive experience of VR viewing is unmatched by TV. It feels at your fingertips and gives people extraordinary sense of reality. Virtual reality technology The degree of simulation of reality is definitely not comparable to ordinary 3D glasses. No matter how perfect the 3D TV is, it is worse than VR in the sense of image substitution.

VR game shakes TV game street

In terms of games, traditional video games are the gap between children and giants in the face of VR. The domestic smart TV itself is not as good as the average mobile phone. Think about those boring mini-games on TV. The average game player will not What interest is there, but VR games are different. Now many game companies such as Sony and Oculus are all working on developing VR games. This year, there will be a large number of VR games on the line, and mature VR technology, plus a lot of software support, VR The future of the game industry can be said to be bright.

All aspects are crushed. Is there any future for smart TV?

VR is not as good as TV on a long time

VR movies perform very well in all aspects, but the overly realistic picture experience puts the viewer's senses under very great pressure. Many VR users express that they have dizzy symptoms after watching a VR movie for a period of time. VR Watching movies is not suitable for many people who are in poor physical condition. Old people and children are also not suitable for VR movies. Strong stimulation may induce heart disease in the elderly. VR is not a product of all ages, and the huge VR helmet will also put a heavy burden on the head. It's definitely not easy to wear a few kilograms of heavy things for a long time.

TV has no place to replace as a home entertainment location

Instead of watching television as an entertainment tool, watching TV is actually a kind of family activity and feelings. After a family has eaten dinner, they sit on the sofa and watch TV. This is a way of life in many families. We may not be watching TV, but the family is enjoying each other. Watching TV becomes a link between family members. If there is no television watching activity, the family will have time together. How much, if the whole family does not have a VR helmet to watch their own movies, even if they are face to face in a different world, the furthest distance in the world is more than this.

Maybe in the future, VR technology really goes deep into millions of households, but the status of TV in the living room is still irreplaceable. Watching TV is a habit, it is a feeling, VR may bring better games, audio and video experience. However, it can't put three generations of grandparents and grandchildren in the same entertainment activity. The war between VR and TV may not have existed, and perhaps the complementary advancement is the future!

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