How does Konka TV see how 3D movies are ineffective?

Newly bought a Konka 3D TV, but how to use 3D movies? Today, the writer has come to elaborate on the common methods used by Konka TV to watch 3D movies and how the movie does not show 3D effects.

Konka 3D TV how to see 3D movies

The first way: external mobile storage device (recommended)

1, first download the 3D movie to the U disk, and then received Konka TV USB interface;

2, using Konka TV's own high-definition player to play, play with remote control menu function key, you can see there are 3D function settings;

3. If the downloaded 3D movie is in the left and right format, set the 3D mode to left and right. At this time, the picture should be a combination of two left and right frames. It just looks a bit fuzzy, and you can watch it when you wear 3D glasses. To 3D effect.

Left and right format 3D video

The second: online viewing 3D source

Install video software with a 3D video zone on Konka TVs, such as BesTV.

Third kind: Set top box

With the help of a digital set-top box to open a CCTV 3D channel, you can watch 3D movies, but you need to pay extra.

Fourth: External HD Device (Recommended)

We can connect external devices through the HDMI high-definition interface of Konka TV, such as network set-top boxes and hard disk players to play 3D film sources.

Fifth: 2D to 3D (not recommended)

If Konka TV comes with 2D to 3D technology, then we just need to wear 3D glasses corresponding to Konka TV and 3D film sources to watch 3D movies.

Up and down format 3D video

Konka TV sees no effect on 3D videos

The 3D movie playback format affects the playback of the movie. General 3D TV can play MKV, AVI, MP4 and other formats of high-definition video, but we may download the video ISO M2TS format, Konka 3D TV can not recognize these formats, it can not play 3D effects. So make sure that your Konka TV is compatible with the 3D video that will be downloaded before the 3D movie.

3D glasses are an important item for watching 3D movies. If they are not powered, they cannot see 3D effects.

Konka 3D TVs generally support 3D videos in both left, right, and upper formats. When performing 3D settings, do not select the wrong video format. It is obviously a 3D video in the left and right format, but it is played in the up and down format.

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