[LED observation] Landscape lighting: detonating a new round of Chinese-style opportunities

At the just-concluded “May 1st” holiday, the careful citizens will find that the high-rise buildings, squares, parks, roads, etc. in the urban area are equipped with many new lighting landscapes, which add a lot of bright spots to the construction of the city.

Indeed, in recent years, thanks to the implementation of relevant national policies, the urban landscape lighting project has gradually been put on the agenda, and has even become the standard in the eyes of many urban planning parties.

“Since this year, our famous Huihui as a professional landscape lighting engineering company feels that the whole market is much better than last year. This also benefits from the preferential policies of the country such as the Belt and Road Initiative, the construction of beautiful new countryside and the PPP model. It has great market potential. Liu Bo, the sales director of Mingjiahui, said.

Indeed, from the current infrastructure construction of major cities in China, taking Chongqing, Changsha, Bijie and other places as an example, after the Spring Festival, it is welcoming a wide-scale expansion period, which covers the cooperation mode between the whole cities, and the market scale is very large.

“The specific reason is that the basic lighting projects built in the major cities in the past few years are in a period of renewal. At the same time, more cities and regions have begun to plan various landscape lighting projects from the overall layout thinking.” Liu Bo analyzed the reasons for the recent booming landscape lighting market.

According to industry veterans, the current use period of urban lighting projects is generally 3-5 years. More than this year, it must be replaced, and it is currently in a market replacement period. Therefore, the overall market has also come to a full-scale outbreak this year. Node.

"As we all know, landscape lighting has high requirements for quality, such as requiring first-line brands to achieve waterproof and dustproof, etc. Secondly, for design teams, urban road landscape lighting management departments, lighting engineering companies, they also value enterprises. Cooperation and after-sales service, etc." Zheng Zhitian, general manager of Shenzhen Jincheng Weida mentioned.

“However, in recent years, with the rapid development of domestic lighting products, the localization market is becoming a major trend. Taking our current cooperation units as an example, we have previously required all the international first-line brands to be used. Under the premise of superiority, the localization of lighting products has almost reached 80-90% of the market share." Liu Bo pointed out.

“But at the same time, the overall operating cost of the landscape lighting project is higher, the cycle is longer, and it is more complicated in many aspects. Not to mention the objective complexity of art design and control technology, there is a lot of trouble in single construction. For example, if you are doing a project in a different place, you will have to ask the construction team from a different location. Collection is also a big problem.” Industry veterans analyzed.

According to Xiaobian, the current cooperative design projects for landscape lighting mainly include cooperative projects such as municipal engineering, theaters, and development zones. For example, the famous Huihui, which has just been listed, has its layout in many first-tier cities across the country. The overall structure of four subsidiaries and 14 branches has initially established a business network covering the whole country. The next step will be actively promoted. A fast drive for this market.

“Next, the 'smart lighting' that has been rising in recent years will also become the focus of our landscape lighting work. How to better integrate with the whole city in the next step, we are also looking forward to a full-scale overall operation. "Liu Bo mentioned.

On July 8th, Shenzhen Qingqing World, Gaogong LED will hold the second round of the national tour investigation activity of this year--the landscape lighting special seminar. At that time, the Chongqing government and the Guizhou government will be invited to share with you the two places this year. The project and cooperation threshold, high-tech LED also invites your participation and support, the accumulation of "landscape lighting" growth path, look forward to your joining!

Note: According to the statistics of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the output value of China's LED landscape lighting market reached RMB 47.8 billion in 2015. In 2016, the output value of landscape lighting is expected to reach RMB 50 billion.

It is worth noting that the gross profit margin of the landscape lighting engineering traders' remittances in the past three years is close to 50%. In 2012-2014, the company's comprehensive gross profit margin was 51.29%, 48.55% and 49.51%, respectively; Both exceeded 20%, with net profit margins of 22.3% and 20.3% in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

For the LED industry chain enterprises that are struggling with LED lighting blue ocean, 20% of the gross profit margin can already make many companies get very moist, but for the famous Huihui, which is listed on the A-share GEM, 20% is the lighting project. The net profit margin of the company.

Recently, the LED manufacturer F-Daxia (Grand Canyon Semiconductor Lighting System, 5281.TT), which has a large number of lighting projects in the Chinese mainland market, is also trading in Taiwan in Taiwan. It is optimistic about the potential market opportunities for outdoor architectural landscape lighting in mainland China.

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