Human Geography: Different Xi'an Cuisine

The title says Xi'an cuisine. In fact, I also want to use this article to introduce some of the various foods in Jinnan and Shanbei. Love you, don't miss this article.

Xi'an is famous and is a popular tourist city, not only because of its profound historical and cultural heritage. In fact, there are also many people who come to Xi’an just to eat something! I recently worked in Xi’an and I always had friends passing by or coming to me and eating a lot of delicious things. When I think about the things I had eaten in Xi’an for the first time many years ago, I feel that it is necessary to write an article so that when you come to Xi’an to eat, you will not step on thunder, and you will not be misled by the famous celebrity. Bad things!

This was shot with friends when they climbed Lushan. The guy was very tall. Naval officer, but no object haha. . There is no introduction of Kazakhstan.

If you read the article and later eat fat, please don't blame me. I'm just a porter of food.

Huimin Street PK Yongxing Square

The prestige of Muslim Street must be known to everyone who comes to Xi’an. When I first came to Xi’an with my girlfriend a few years ago, I went directly to a taxi here. At that time, Xi'an had a lot of specialties. Recently I had a chance to eat some other friends when I came. To sum up, the following are: beef ribs, biangbiang noodles, Jiasan buns, Shengzhi Wangma sauce stuffing, and Mali Laan beef sandwich . Basically, all of them had been on television and thought they would be delicious. Very amazing. But after actually eating, they discovered that this was not the case. Some of them were not good at all and some were still acceptable, but they were exaggerated.

First of all, the environment , Muslim Street is really a street, a few streets intertwined, the main street is good, spacious, clean and clean, the next few streets are not so particular about.

The Muslim Street seen on the Internet is like this


But when I went by myself at night, it was even less beautiful to take photographs in many narrow, less neat streets.

Take a look at Yongxing Square. While maintaining its antique architectural style, the environment is very good, and when the weather is hot, it will always spray water vapor to cool down. There are tables and stools for tourists to rest in. Not only the environment is good, but also the food is not ambiguous. Rouga mochi, mutton roasts, basin mutton, etc. are all available. There are also specialties selling Shaanxi specialty red oil.

Merchants in the store are all charged with cards. Food is clearly priced. As for whether you are expensive or not, you can judge it yourself. By the way, this golden line oil tower is strongly recommended. The price is ten yuan.

The layers are thin and loose and not greasy. Its shape is "lifted like a gold thread and put down like a pine cone." The use of flour, pork oil and other raw materials, increase the level of cake, the cake into a tower, the steaming system to steaming. I am very willing to come here to eat this dish, it is really north and south all-consuming. Accustomed to eating northern pancakes and various southern cakes, I always felt that the cake was just like this. I did not expect this oil tower to let me discover a new world. There was an oily smell in the mouth, but there was no greasy feeling in it. A little bit of pie bread with soft cheeks in the soft louse can't stop eating. One by one. With some hot and sour soup better. Forgive me for being hungry.

This is the famous Mali spicy soup on Muslim Street. Hu spicy soup (6 yuan) is a normal level, just looking for a home in Xi'an will not be worse than here. The meat in the beef sirloin (15) is still enough, but it is crispy, but the taste is the same. For the local people, it is not necessary to go around and eat. For tourists, casually looking for a restaurant is about the same price and taste, but the environment will be much better. The barbecue is a large piece of lamb, cumin is very very heavy, although a string of three yuan is not expensive, but the taste and taste are really general.

Although spicy soup and mutton soup are not recommended for eating here, if you come to Xi’an, you’ll still find a hot bowl of hot soup with a burger in the early morning. Your stomach is comfortable, and your meat and vegetables are good enough for you. Now.

As a loyal fan who once watched every episode of cool foods and cool foods to win the world, I visited all the restaurants that they had eaten on Muslim Street. For example, the following Shengshi Wangpi sauce skin.

This restaurant, as well as many places in Xi'an, can be eaten, but it is indeed a long time since the history came to this, coupled with a variety of food programs, stars such a publicity. There was taste of mythology. In fact, mahjong stuffed skin is something similar to "bean juice." But not so "unique." Most people can still accept it. Hot pepper looks a lot, but in fact it is not very spicy, it is aroma. If you ask me if it's worth it, I don’t think it’s actually necessary. Unless you have a food program, you must eat the food on the show.

Xi'an's Wei Jia Liang Pi Li's Liangpi Liangpi is good, with a large quantity. One person a cake, a Liang Pi is enough.

There is a trotter in Yongxingfang. It is not difficult to make soft fleas and soft fleas on trotters. This is even more powerful. Not too much to describe, or suggest that you eat it. The price is 20 or 25, which is the same as the non-scenery price. The picture is another trotter I eat. .

As a Shanxier, he eats more pasta. The whistle is no exception. This dry whistle, the location of the facade is not good. But the taste is definitely a model of the whistle.

The foreign monk chanting

I accidentally wrote more content, recommending Xi'an's local food and introducing some foreigners who came to Xi'an, but it was very tasty and very popular with the locals. The picture shows the Oriental Palace Lanzhou Beef Noodles . There are local hotel chains in Lanzhou. It is possible that the local ranking of Lanzhou is not very high, but Xi'an can eat such a bowl of authentic hot oil, and the Chinese style Lanzhou beef noodles on the tip of the radish's pale, clean and white. Beef, radish, and ramen noodles are all in place. According to students in Lanzhou, the Oriental Palace is quite acceptable.

Fat brothers and crabs . This estimate is eaten by many people. I think this is a crab that is not good to eat, other bullfrogs, chicken legs, chicken feet are very tasty. . The soup is mixed with rice. It's impossible to come at weekends and the waiting time is very long!

Slightly wheat or soured wheat. It should be a food in Inner Mongolia or Shanxi. It's a bit like a steamed stuffed bun. The skin is steamed, and the taste is quite different from that of the southern wheat. It is very unique and the authentic sandwich is a pure, lean meat that is lean but not firewood.

Eager beef and mutton hot pot. Originally, the catchwords were Guangdong and Beijing, and now they are all seen in Xi'an. In the mall, you can find a very good shop.

Tae Hee is sure that many people also understand that affordable, normal taste. As an outside chain store, it is also a bit terrible to open dozens of homes in Xi’an.

The ice in Yang Xiaoxian's desserts seems to be coming from Xiamen. The price is not cheap, but the victory is really powerful in terms of taste and taste. In addition to their families, nowhere else can we find such ice-sand smoothies. Milk is very rich.

This is probably the case. I have eaten a lot of food. I can't find many pictures and I can't share them. There are a lot of food in Xi'an. Basically, friends from all over the country can find their favorite food here. Everyone knows how cool the flesh is. After the sight-seeing activities, if possible, go deep into the residential area and eat foods that are not so eye-catching, but are delicious.

By the way, there is another pit that you forgot to fill. The television on the Muslim Street was not particularly shocking, but it was hard to eat anywhere. Others have not been on the TV or forget it, Rougao, Biangbiang do not have Shanghai's delicious, 2333... similar to the biangbiang noodles, whistle noodles, pork broth, Hu spicy soup such food, Just looking for a shop may be better than the Huitun Street, a giant pit. (But when you come to Xi'an, you'll still go back to Minjie Street. If you don't go back, how about bragging? Again, the delicious food on the Huimin Street is not without.) If there is any doubt about the restaurant and food recommendations, leave a message. I will answer the first time!

Again, if there is a next one, I would like to introduce to you the introduction of my hometown, the food on the southern Hedong River, and Xi'an has a little bit of the same feeling, but the taste is very different. Stay tuned for the next episode, Hedong Cuisine. Under the set, Shanghai cuisine, etc.

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