Ali Wang Jian: The car has an operating system and has a second engine.

On July 6, Alibaba Group and SAIC Motor jointly launched the Internet car (OS'Car) in Yunqi Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou. In the "Landing and Exploring" Internet car new category joint conference, SAIC officially released the price of its new SUV model Roewe RX5 of 9.98-18.68 million. In the current fierce market competition in the SUV market, the Roewe RX5 is aimed at the car network field that is currently concerned about the current situation. Therefore, it is positioned as an Internet car. With the strong technology and market strength of Alibaba in the Internet field, the Roewe RX5 has demonstrated Eye-catching competitive strength.

At the press conference, Wang Jian, Chairman of Alibaba Group Technical Committee, explained his unique understanding of Internet vehicles. He said: "No need for mobile phones between the car and the Internet, when many people are trying to make the phone better serve the car. Our goal is to make people no longer need a mobile phone when they get into the car."

In Wang Jian's view, the birth of the Internet car is a milestone. Since then, the Internet has become an important new member of the car after PC and mobile phones. This is of great significance to car manufacturers, car owners and the whole society. A car with an operating system is equivalent to having a second engine. The engine is powered by data, making the car smarter. Automobiles are expected to become an important platform for Internet service and intelligent hardware innovation, and the world has ushered in the Internet era of all things.

The car has an operating system and has a second engine.

"The cooperation between Ali and SAIC is like a combination of two species that can only shake hands after a few light years. The farther the species is, the smarter the child is born. What's more, we not only take the car in two years. I made it, and I can buy it next month.” Wang Jian reviewed the cooperation between Ali and SAIC in July 2014. “The birth of the Internet car today means that the Internet family has a new member. And it is a more important member than PCs and mobile phones. The car has not only run on the road, but has actually run on the Internet."

On July 24, 2 years ago, SAIC and Alibaba Group signed a cooperation agreement to formally enter the field of Internet vehicles. Two years later, on July 6, Roewe RX5 was officially listed as a result of cooperation. This product is equipped with Alibaba's YunOS. YunOS is a smart device operating system product of Alibaba Group, which combines Alibaba's technical achievements in cloud data storage, cloud computing services and smart device operating systems, and can be installed in smart phones and smart set-top boxes (DVB). / IPTV / OTT), Internet TV and other smart terminals. In the automotive field, YunOS has been used in equipment such as smart driving recorders. The Roewe RX5 is on the market. It is the first time that YunOS has been installed on passenger cars in OEM form.

For a car, having an operating system is equivalent to having a second engine. The engine is powered by data. Traditional engines only consume natural resources, but with a second engine, they can generate new resources-data for humans while driving. “We don’t want to be a smart car, but a smarter car,” said Wang Jian. The accumulated data can help car manufacturers and service providers improve user experience, improve vehicle design, and even help improve transportation infrastructure. .

According to Alibaba's engineers, Ali's YunOS can implement a series of functions such as voice interaction, online map navigation, online music, online upgrade, lane departure warning, and Wifi hotspot sharing. Because it can fully access the Internet in real time, and accumulate and generate user big data for SAIC and Ali, and provide the basis for optimizing services, the system is also called the second engine outside the engine.

Internet car is the beginning of all things Internet

“Many people ignore the Internet as the basis for talking about the Internet of Things. In fact, the most accurate definition of the Internet of Things is the Internet of Everything.” Wang Jian emphasized that when the PC is connected by the Internet, the traditional Internet is formed, when the mobile phone is connected by the Internet. The mobile Internet was formed, and when the biggest hardware of the car was connected by the Internet, it marked a new era - the beginning of the Internet era. The courageous exploration of Ali and SAIC in the field of Internet vehicles will also bring an important innovation variable to the development of the industry worldwide.

According to the live demonstration, the system's voice interactive system has a high recognition rate and rich functions, and can support dialect recognition other than Mandarin. Online maps provide users with up-to-date map information. At the moment when mainstream manufacturers still charge maps and the Internet, SAIC promises that the basic services used by Roewe RX5 will be free for life, and the services and traffic of the system and new functions will be upgraded for free for life, map services and traffic for free for life, remote vehicle control services. The traffic generated by Internet applications will be free for life, and the first year of the 2.4GB music entertainment package and WIFI traffic package will be given, and the same service will be offered in the following year. Such a free policy is the first in the industry mentioned above.

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