Restricted trapping situation in the development of the capital lighting market

Octagon lighting city Guanzhang transformation, Ruifeng international lighting port operations deserted into a comprehensive category of stores, Gao Li lamp port price management loose...... Looking at the capital of the old and new lighting stores, this year's development does not seem to be satisfactory, thus Can not help but ask questions: What happened to the capital lighting market? There are pressures on the market environment, problems with management of the stores, lack of brands, and limitations on the size of the stores. The development of the lighting industry is obviously not perfect, and people in the industry also believe that the space for industry upgrading and development is still small, and Beijing lighting market has great prospects.

Status: Some Lighting Stores Do Not Operate Well In the 12-year history of the lighting market in Beijing, Octagon Lighting City was completely closed at the end of March this year and changed into the flower, bird, and fish market. Baifanglong Lighting City, located on the south bridge of Yuegezhuang, West Fourth Ring, was once known as the capital of Beijing and has the reputation of being one of the “Golden City Lighting City”. Octagon and Bandung Huiyang and Xinglong lighting cities are located in the northeast, southeast and northwest triangles of the bridge respectively. For Guan Zhang, Octagon's staff member said that "the lamps are not good to do, so we must transform and change to the flowers, birds, insects, antiques and paintings that are not available in this area and open up differentiated markets."

Ruifeng International Lighting Port Co., Ltd. was cold and clean as early as November 2010. Ruifeng International Lighting Port, located in the east of the capital, officially opened the banner of “Environmental Energy-Saving Green Ecological Large Lamp Harbor” and was positioned as “Eastern Capital Lighting Aircraft Carrier”. . However, the outlook was not long. In May last year, Ruifeng Lighting Port was exposed to deserted business, and even many stores were empty. Some dealers stated that "80% of stores are losing money." Many merchants have transferred, sold, and sold out. Ruifeng Lighting Port has now transformed into a comprehensive store.

According to reporters recently, the reporter visited the current well-known Colliers International Lighting Port in the capital, and the “Brand Direct” price tag can be seen everywhere in the store. According to reports, Gao Li has been demanding that merchants list their prices clearly and the discount should not be less than 30% off. The concept of "real price" and "price" was temporarily ignored. The reporter visited a number of lighting shops. Although each lamp has a price tag, its final price is not the price on the price tag, nor is it even required by Gao Li. The discount should not be lower than 30% discount. The discount given by each shop is different. There are 4.5%, 50%, and 60% discount prices. Even in a lighting shop, the price of 3,500 yuan for light shopping guide is 1680 yuan, the final transaction to 1600 yuan. In another lighting shop, the shopping guide gave a price of 60%. The reporter threw out the question, “Now the price is cheaper? The lamp that you bought before came down to a minimum of 30%.” The shopping guide said: “The store’s minimum requirement is 70% off. However, the market is not good. In order to promote sales, we give more discounts, but we still have to say 70% discount on the stores.” As for the guidebook, it is impressively aimed at the “brand direct operation”. In the actual visit, the reporter found that most brands are not Direct operation. Not only do many merchants admit that they are dealers, but also reporters have seen "excellent dealers" certificates placed in several stores. From this point of view, the so-called "clear price" and "brand direct operation" seem to be just a slogan and they are not really implemented.

In addition to the various conditions of the old and new stores, there are a lot of lighting stores have not yet opened and suddenly quit. According to industry sources, as early as in 2011, the city of Lufthansa, which began to attract investment, has invested tens of millions of dollars in investment promotion and promotion, but ultimately it failed to open its doors and suddenly exited a few months later. Another lighting shop named “Watson New Century” was also sold for “abortion” and eventually acquired by Shilihe Lighting City. Currently, Shilihe is preparing to build it into the largest engineering lamp building. It is expected to open in August and September. .

Analysis: lack of professional management brand is missing With the old and new lighting stores have fallen, the existing defects of well-known lighting stores gradually appear, can not help but ask questions: What is the capital market? In fact, the reason for the decline of any lighting store has its aspects. The crux of the matter cannot be generalized.

The desolate market environment seems unavoidable. Shi Minhe, deputy general manager of Shilihe Lighting City, frankly stated that the industry situation is not very good, real estate regulation has caused a decline in real estate consumption, household building materials consumption has declined, lighting industry is a downstream industry, the same impact Not small. The market is sluggish, the environment is not good, and competition is fiercer. Reporters in the process of visiting the market is not difficult to find, most lighting stores are not popular, many dealers have said that "the business is not doing well now." At around 11 am on a luminaire store, merchants just opened their doors to welcome guests. The passenger flow was also very deserted.

In addition to market factors, Tian Min also said that the internal management mechanism of the company also determines its success or failure. He Hongmei, general manager of Hongmei also believes that the ills of the lighting store is "management", she believes that the home industry is affected by real estate adjustment is only part of the reason, consumers do not even buy a house, the lamps still need to be replaced often, and the decoration is generally not installed lamps , so that the lighting market is not affected by the fine decoration, but with the process of urbanization, the lighting market has a lot of space. And "management" is the "soft underbelly" of many stores. Regardless of the old and new lighting stores, if the overall management is not professional will be eliminated, and the lamps and lanterns stores need the most professional management team. For lighting stores, various policies and management practices are very necessary.

The lack of brand is also a deadly place for many lighting stores. According to industry sources, whether it is the eight-party dragon or Ruifeng Lighting Port, brand concentration is not high, and the lack of mainstream brands is an important reason leading to less and less passenger traffic. And its own reputation is not high also determines the final decline. Although Bafanglong Lighting City has been in the capital for 12 years, it only attracted the attention of most people when it was closed. Without advertising or propaganda, consumers do not know that the existence of stores has low natural traffic and deserted business.

In addition to the professional and perfect management system, the presence of big brands and the popularity of the stores themselves, the scale and grade of the lighting stores are becoming more and more important. According to industry insiders, with the development of lighting fixtures, small-scale, low-risk markets cannot meet consumer demand. With the same price and positioning, consumers must choose a better environment and better hardware facilities. The stores that have been closed down or mismanaged have more or less problems in scale and grade.

Prospects: The lighting industry has large room for growth. Is the current capital lighting industry starting to decline or is already saturated? How much room for improvement? Where will the future go? In an interview, the reporter found that many lighting people are very optimistic about the future prospects of the industry, and firmly believe that the development of lamps is still very large. According to industry sources, the lighting industry is actually very deep. As a whole, it has to lag behind the home industry for 10 years. Because of this, the lighting industry has more room for growth, especially in the high-end lighting market, which cannot meet the needs of high-end customers. The market is far from reaching saturation. Looking at the development of the capital lighting market in Beijing, in 2005, after the establishment of Colliers International Lighting Port, rapid development was achieved and the concept of “first payment” was brought to the lighting industry. However, basically the development was slow in 2009. River Lighting City has also been developing. The current Shili River area is very advantageous. The market is constantly changing. There are new companies entering and old companies withdrawing. It is a process of constantly shuffling the cards.

At the same time, the brand awareness of lighting manufacturers is also rising. According to industry insiders, before 2008, lighting manufacturers basically have no brand awareness, just to do OEM. Later, many manufacturers gradually found that this road was impassable, and they began to pay attention to the creation of the brand. With the development of the industry, the brand awareness of dealers is also increasing. At present, dealers have begun to make their own brands, and there are also many dealers in the continuous expansion of high-end lighting stores. NVC Lighting Minister Chen Yifei said that the brand is very important for the development of the company and the industry. With the improvement of consumer awareness, the demand for products has been continuously improved. In pursuit of style and personalization, it also hopes to have after-sale protection, so the brand recognition is even higher.

Talking about the Beijing lighting market, Chen Yifei stated that the Beijing market is very large. NSR's engineering projects and retail market in Beijing are one of the best in China in terms of economic development and urbanization levels, especially after the 2008 Olympic Games. . Shen Fenzhen, general manager of Huangjia Lighting, believes that as an international metropolis, Beijing's radiation scope is not only in the northern region, even in the national and even global markets. The real high-end lighting products are still in Beijing. Although the economic downturn, Beijing dealers still With its solid channels and solid strength, it can stand in the Beijing market. The future lighting market also depends on Beijing.

In fact, the lighting market is still developing. Tian Min said that there is a lot of room for development in the lighting industry. There are many things that can be done. For example, compared with foreign countries, there is a big gap between them, and there is room for improvement in terms of lamp style, advanced level, and management system. The current construction and investment promotion of Hejiameijia Lighting Plaza in Shilihe is in progress. As industry insiders say, the lighting market is not saturated and the industry should develop in competition. Su Hongmei bluntly stated that he would like to create a home for the lighting industry. For this luminaire new star, may inject new vitality into the lighting industry. The future development of the lighting industry is still full of unknown, we will wait and see.

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