China's industrial automation system technical standards have been recognized internationally

With the rapid development of information technology, various digital and intelligent field devices are widely used in industrial automation. However, due to the lack of corresponding field device integration technologies and specifications as a support, digital and intelligent field devices are difficult to achieve seamless information integration with existing control systems in industrial production, and the intelligent functions of systems and devices are difficult to get full play. To this end, the IEC has successively developed the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) and Field Device Tool (FDT) series of international standards. These two technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are incompatible with each other, causing inconvenience and waste of resources to the majority of manufacturers and users. In order to solve this problem, the National Standardization Management Committee supported the financial support of the "Quality Inspection Public Welfare Industry Special Research Project," and at the same time, supported by the Chongqing Science and Technology Research Project, from the Southwest University, the Institute of Instrument and Meter Technology, China The team of scientific and technical personnel of the United Instrument Group, the Chongqing Intelligent Instrumentation and Control Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and other units conducted in-depth research and proposed the EDD-DTM conversion technology with independent intellectual property rights, and based on the results of this research. The drafting of the IEC International Standard Draft "Interoperability Specification for FDT/DTM and EDDL Equipment Integration Technologies" was drafted and approved by IEC member states as an international standard IEC/TR62795Ed. 1.0.

"FDT/DTM and EDDL equipment integration technology interoperability specification" is China's industrial Ethernet technology EPA and industrial wireless communication technology WIA-PA, in the industrial automation system technology field once again achieved a breakthrough in international standards. The implementation of this specification will promote the development of equipment integration technology and standardization in the field of international industrial automation, and provide high-end technical solutions for the integration of industrialization and informatization.

In the process of drafting and drafting this standard, it has received strong support from the National Standardization Management Committee and the National Technical Committee for Industrial Process Measurement and Control Standardization; at the same time, FDT International, China Instrument Industry Association FDT Working Group and its EH, Hilscher, M&M Other member units and experts in the field at home and abroad also put forward constructive opinions and suggestions, providing technical assurance for the improvement of the specification.

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