Soraa receives funding from the US Department of Energy to advance GaN substrate research

Soraa announced on October 23 that it has received a multi-million dollar grant from the US Department of Energy's Advanced Energy Research Program (ARPA-E) to advance two projects related to the use of large-size GaN substrates for power electronics technology. .

The company is currently involved in the ARTP-E SWITCHES project, which is responsible for the implementation of the first phase of the project, which studies large-scale, low-cost, high-quality GaN substrates and applies them to advanced power switches. In total, it cost $3.2 million.

Soraa also received a $4.75 million grant from ARPA-E to study the growth of large-size GaN substrates using ammonia-based methods for LEDs, vertical power supplies, and next-generation power electronics.

Mike Krames, chief technology officer of Soraa, said: "The development of low-cost, high-quality, large-size GaN substrates is a major technical difficulty in the advancement of power electronics technology." Mark D, the head of the two projects that received the latest funding. 'Evelyn said that the company is pleased to be able to extend the application of large-size GaN substrate technology to this important area.

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