Ubita and Morningstar create a digital TV cloud gaming market

Berlin, August 31, 2012 / PRNewswire Asia /-Ubita, a leader in cloud gaming solutions, and Morningstar Semiconductor, a global leader in TV chip and smart digital home platform solutions, will launch from today At the 2012 Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as "2012 IFA"), digital TV cloud gaming technology was exhibited.

UBIDA GameCloud® is the industry's most malleable, GPU-driven cloud gaming solution, with the highest performance of the same number of games and the lowest power consumption. This time it is built into the Morningstar digital TV control chip. TV manufacturers do not With additional hardware investment, it will be able to directly provide streaming game services like stand-alone quality through the broadband network.

"By deepening the cooperation with Ubitus, combining Morningstar digital TV chips and Ubitus cloud gaming technology, customers of Morningstar will benefit from the richer performance of digital cloud applications, thereby enhancing their competitiveness against their opponents. Ju will also be able to better meet the future consumer demand for digital home entertainment. "Jiang Minxiu, vice president of Morningstar's marketing business, said.

Guo Rongchang, general manager of Ubita, said, "We are looking forward to Ubita's technology cooperation with Morningstar to provide digital TV cloud gaming services to more users around the world."

"We are very honored to present the latest digital TV cloud gaming technology in the 2012 IFA with Morningstar Semiconductor." Said Guo Rongchang, general manager of Ubita. "Since the fourth quarter of 2011, Ubita has successfully been in Japan and South Korea. We provide multiple cloud gaming services. The positive numbers on the market allow us to actively plan the next step. We are very much looking forward to that under the technical cooperation with Morningstar, Ubitus can provide digital TV cloud gaming services to more users around the world. "

About Ubita Limited

Ubita Co., Ltd. is a cloud multimedia interactive service technology leader. It provides innovative cloud computing solutions for device manufacturers, wired / wireless communication service providers, telecom operators and digital content service developers. Ubida was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It currently has 150 employees and has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Guangzhou and Nanjing.

About Morningstar Semiconductor

Morningstar Semiconductor is a world-leading ASIC manufacturer focused on consumer electronics and communications application solutions. Since its establishment in 2002, Morningstar Semiconductor has always upheld the belief of continuous leadership innovation and customer-oriented services, and based on the core capabilities of excellent leading high-integration, high-performance system-on-chip (SoC) design, has been in LCD control chips, analog And digital TV, set-top boxes, mobile phones and digital communications products and other applications have won the global market leadership. Morningstar Semiconductor takes Taiwan as its operating headquarters and is committed to integrating more than 15 R & D teams and customer service resources throughout the world. With excellent execution capabilities, it has launched a highly integrated and highly cost-effective for various consumer electronics application markets Solution and was publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2010

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