Expand chip factory cooperation Imagination grabs wearable flatbread

The reference design platform designed for wearable devices is coming out of the box. In order to accelerate the time-to-market of wearable devices, ImaginaTIon, an IP provider, is actively working with chip vendors to launch reference designs and hardware platforms to capture the market for wearable devices.

Tony King-Smith, executive vice president of marketing at ImaginaTIon, said that ImaginaTIon is also actively developing a range of IP reference application platforms and design methods to help customers quickly enter the booming wearable device market.

Tony King-Smith, executive vice president of marketing at ImaginaTIon, said the reference design platform allows developers to quickly prototype Prototypes and test core functionality to prevent any potential problems before they enter mass production.

King-Smith further stated that especially in emerging markets such as wearables, as manufacturers continue to adapt and validate new designs, standards and specifications, system-on-a-chip (SoC) vendors offer reference design platforms. It is seen as an important blueprint for developers to create next-generation products.

In order to attack the wearable device market, many related programs have been widely released. At present, platforms including x86 and Anymance International (ARM) architecture have been released, and Imagination, as an IP supplier, is also actively cooperating with Beijing Junzheng. MIPS core Newton reference design platform. King-Smith revealed that Imagination will work with other chip vendors to develop a reference design for wearable devices.

In addition, Imagination is actively developing a range of IP reference application platforms and design methods to help customers quickly enter the booming wearable device market. King-Smith emphasized that the system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution for wearable devices will be in the future, and industry insiders will gradually divide the general mobile device and wearable device processor design into two things to think about.

In fact, startup Ineda has launched the world's first Wearable Processing Unit (WPU) for the wearable device, the Dhanush WPU. It is reported that Dhanush WPU's unique Hierarchical Computing Architecture is developed using Imagination's MIPS, PowerVR and other IP cores to maintain the wearable device's endurance for 30 days.

It is worth noting that Google recently launched an operating system (OS) for wearable devices - Android Wear, and Imagination is currently the only IP provider in the Android Wear ecosystem, including the central processing unit (CPU) core - MIPS The graphics processor (GPU) core -- PowerVR, the radio processor (RPU) core - Ensigma, is included in Imagination's future product development strategy to support the Android Wear system.

Although Imagination has taken the lead in the beginning of the Android Wear ecosystem, King-Smith pointed out that Google's operating systems are all about transparency and standardization, whether it is the central processing unit (CPU) core of MIPS, ARM, x86 architecture. Currently, the Android system can be supported natively. This is to ensure the diversity and development potential of the Android camp. Therefore, the development of Android Wear is no exception. In addition to Imagination, more IP providers will join the Android Wear ecosystem in the future. .

However, as an initial partner of Android Wear, Imagination still enjoys a comparative advantage over other IP vendors. King-Smith said that the current cooperation between Imagination and Google is to ensure that customers can keep up-to-date with the latest developments, and develop the best product prototypes through Android Wear plus Imagination software and hardware solutions, and accelerate the time to market. Cheng.

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