Wind River Helps Resconda Accelerate NFV Transformation

Wind River®, the world's leading provider of IoT services, today announced that network equipment manufacturer Resconda Technology Development Co., Ltd. has implemented NFV (Network FuncTIons VirtualizaTIon) to develop virtualization using Wind River TItanium ServerTM Small base station gateway.

"The telecommunications industry is opening up new revenue streams by deploying virtualized network capabilities while increasing flexibility and efficiency, while service providers are required to reach five 9-level levels," said Guo Xiaohui, director of operator consulting for Resconda. Usability. Our hardware products have already met this standard, so the main challenge is to enable our virtualization software to meet this requirement. After using Wind River solutions, we can not only achieve NFV transformation quickly, but also be able to be shorter. Put better products on the market in time, while significantly reducing the cost of users."

As the first step in the deployment of network function virtualization, RISCONDA first virtualized the small base station gateway function. The purpose of operators using small base stations is to balance the mobile network data load and more effectively use the wireless frequency band to expand service coverage and increase network capacity. Resconda felt that if it developed its own high-performance gateway network function virtualization platform, it would not only take a lot of time, but also the cost is very high, so it turned to Wind River's solution. Using Wind River TItanium Server as a network function virtualization platform, Resconda has reduced the cost of testing and certification of its products by 20% compared to traditional small base station gateway hardware, while reducing time-to-market by 30%.

Paul Senyshyn, vice president and general manager of the Network Solutions business unit at Wind River, said, "In order to meet the higher demands of network flexibility, adaptability and scalability by deploying NFV, telecom equipment providers must follow operators. Level performance and reliability requirements to provide virtualization services. Wind River Titanium Server is designed to provide carrier-grade virtualization capabilities that enable the industry to more easily and quickly deliver high-value services through NFV while achieving cost reduction goals. ”

Wind River Titanium Server is a carrier-grade NFV infrastructure software solution designed to meet the stringent requirements of the telecommunications industry for "always on." By using this product, the industry can get the best of both worlds: the first is the rapid service deployment capability common to enterprise networks, and the second is carrier-grade online time and reliability required by telecommunications networks. Based on open standards technologies, including carrier-grade Wind River Linux, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), Carrier-Grade OpenStack® plug-in, and Data Plane Development Kit (Data Plane Development Kit, DPDK), vSwitch, and technologies optimized for Intel® architecture, Wind River Titanium Server not only delivers high performance to users, but also delivers carrier-grade reliability.

Wind River Titanium Server is part of the Wind River HelixTM product portfolio that is designed to drive the full growth of the Internet of Things, including secure, manageable perimeter smart devices, gateway-to-network, and cloud applications. In addition, through the Wind River Titanium CloudTM program, Wind River's ecosystem ensures that all solution components are optimized and interoperable, enabling service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers deploying NFV infrastructure to significantly reduce time to market time.

About Wind River

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