This beveled phone can bring a true book-turning experience

Beijing time on February 20 morning news, researchers from Queen's University in Canada developed a prototype of a flexible screen smartphone. The user can navigate the page by bending the screen.

This is a full-featured Android phone with a 720p resolution flexible OLED screen from LG. (At this year's CES, LG showed an 18-inch flexible screen.) The phone brought researchers through a sensor mounted on the back of the screen, combined with vibration and audible feedback. The so-called "free navigation" feature. Users can browse documents in their mobile phones just like browsing real files.

Curved screen flip book experience

Roel Vergegaal of the Human Media Lab at Queen's University said: "When the right side of the smartphone is bent, the page will flip from right to left, just like a real book. The bending will make the page flip faster, and the user's finger can feel the page flipping through the vibration of the phone."

The team also applied this technology to the game Angry Birds. Witgar said that by bending the screen, the user can tighten the slingshot in the game. When the screen is released, the slingshot will fire the bird. And the vibration feedback can bring a real launch feeling.

This experience sounds very interactive, but it is unclear how much the new interface will fit. This technique can simulate a comic book, but it is not very useful for actual reading. Over the years, many vendors have explored such flexible interfaces, such as Nokia's prototype in early 2011. Although the technology has been greatly improved, it is still to be explored when and how such technology will be applied to consumer devices. However, Witgar is very confident. He expects that flexible display phones will enter the hands of users within five years.

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