Haimei Di TT box installation third-party software [graphic tutorial]

The sofa butler tips trick Haimei Di TT box itself does not have live TV programs, if you want to watch TV, you need to install third-party software to solve the problem. Before Xiao Bian had already studied the method of installing third-party software on the browser with everyone, today we will introduce a quicker method of installing third-party software.

The first step: open Haimeidi TT box, enter the main interface, click on "System Settings", as shown below;

Step 2: Find "Universal Settings" in the system settings interface and click to enter;

The third step: Click to enter "About this machine", then you will see the specific information of Haimeidi TT box;

Step 4: Under the “About This Machine” interface, the remote control presses the “down arrow” in the arrow keys. At this time, you will enter the engineering mode of the Sea Medi TT box, and then click to enter;

Step 5: Return to the main interface, and then enter the "Media Center", and then insert the U disk with the third-party software into the interface of the Sea Met TT box;

Step Six: Find U disk, select to enter, then you will see an application option, see it is not very familiar with;

Step 7: Next, everyone must know how to operate it. Enter the “Application” interface and find the third-party software you want to install.

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