LeTV U3 State Edition strikes! Is there a license this time?

LeTV's TV box products had already been taken off its official website after it was strictly controlled by the broadcasting and television, and ceased to sell. As for the specific suspension of sales, many people speculated that it did not have an Internet TV license. However, there have been recent rumors that LeTV will re-introduce TV box products in China, and this product is a music box U3 that had previously landed in the United States.

So how does LeTV's U3 configuration work? The U.S. version of Le Box U3 is equipped with a crystal morning Amlogic S812, quad-core A9, clocked at 2G, and the GPU is a Mali 450 MP6, 2G DDR3 memory, and supports 4K@30fps hard solutions. I believe that the National Bank version will not change much. After all, the previous LeTV box is not a hardware product to win.

From the exposure data map, LeTV U3 uses a CIBN license + music content library, supports dual-band Wi-Fi, Dolby audio, DTS audio, front USB and SD card port, rear HDMI, USB, Ethernet Network port, the configuration is still very strong. It seems that LeTV has already made preparations for the resurgence of the box, and the short board of the licensees has been made up.

On the exterior design, the U3 body is matt black, and the cut corners are blue breathing lights, with music as a super-remote control 3.

According to the US version, LeTV's U3 domestic price is 499 yuan, but according to LeTV's previous pricing style, there may be ways to buy members to give TV boxes.

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