Jia Yueting tears the stage, summed up the music as "no break without ecological" conference eight key points

4.20, LeTV held a new product launch conference named "No Breaking, Not Ecology" in Beijing Leshi Sports Ecology Center (Wukesong). Yes, LeTV developed the party again. Since 3.30, LeTV released Super 4 X65 Curved HDR surface 4k. TV, and announced April crazy eco-months, the entire April headline, LeTV is firmly occupied, then today's 4.20 "no break through the ecological" new product conference, music as the public to prepare what kind of surprise? And see below.

Watch one: Stars gather, two thousand media and eight hundred music fans get online

At 2pm, LeTV 4.20 "No crack and no ecology" new product conference was held in Wukesong, Beijing. This LeTV conference held a total of 2,600 media reporters, nearly 8,000 fans, and numerous stars such as Tang Yao, Wang Feng, Sha Baoliang, Qin Hao, Sun Honglei, etc... The stars are gathered and the momentum is huge. Moreover, this “unbreakable and not ecological” conference is Jia Yueting, Jia Quan’s debut of his own conference in 2016. It can be seen that LeTV’s conference Pay attention.

Aspect 2: live multi-channel: 360-degree VR panorama, LeTV cloud e-commerce shared live

How hard is it at this conference? Two 360-degree VR panoramic broadcast, multi-camera, 9-way streaming, multi-view high-definition live broadcast, multi-terminal full-screen full-range global cloud live broadcast sharing! Letv Cloud is the first company in the world to connect seamlessly with Facebook, realizing multi-language global live broadcast in real time, covering China, India, Hong Kong and North America. More than this, LeTV is the first time O2O e-commerce cross-border live sharing and distribution has been launched.

If you can't understand Mandarin, then you can use vernacular to explain, that is, when watching the live broadcast, while watching and buying, Leshi Mall, Jingdong Tmall can make an appointment to purchase new products, so that you can reserve new products in the first time, users can The greatest degree of convenience for shopping:

Three Aspects: There are only two UIs in the world, EUI and other UI

Since it is a LeTV conference, then LeTV Ecology is definitely indispensable. This time Jia said:

This time, LeTV EUI5.8 continues to break the ecological boundaries, breaking the boundary; the new version of EUI will realize a 9-stream live broadcast experience with more than 60 patents! "Any choice is in your hands." A game wants to see which perspective will change with you.

Aspect 4: Music as super 4X50 Pro/X50 release, 2499 yuan

LeTV Super TV: The 4th generation of LeTV Super X50 Pro/X50 shock release, starting from ¥2499! Super 4 fully enters the Mstar6A938 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 era and fully supports HDR. 3G+32G super memory combination to ensure super video game and system running fast! Harman/Kardon Joint Sound System!

Aspect 5: Let's view a unified cooperation, the new "Spring Tea" listing

The LeTV Press conference unified green tea executive Hou Ronglong took office and announced that he would join the music ecology as a whole, and unveiled a unified spring tea. At the same time, LeTV saw the stunning unveiling of the drone. Jia Yueting said that he would choose to publish it. This spring tea will be released at 4.26 Le Shi Mall.

Sixth Aspect: Overturning Music, Killing Hi-Fi and Creating a New "CDLA"

LeTV Releases New Audio Standard - "CDLA" Audio Standard; Full Non-Destructive, Ultimate Experience, Kill 3.5mm Headphone Hole, Get rid of Hi-Fi Phone

LeTV released the Type-C super headset, each headset has an independent CPU, independent ID, able to achieve a perfect personalized intelligence, at the same time, the music and fiil deep cooperation, Wang Feng introduced fili, released a new Type-C headset - Fiil headset custom version, together lead the new benchmark of sound, the pursuit of perfect sound:

In the scene, Sha Baoliang sang "Wild Son" and collected CDLA digital audio technology data and compared with 3.5mm headphone audio recording: The sound quality of CDLA was obviously improved, and the exquisite degree and width of sound quality were greatly changed.

Aspect seven: flagship music 2, the price of the killer

LeTV's new mobile phone music 2, music 2 Pro, music Max2 release, Jia Yueting said LeTV will subvert Apple: Le 2 equipped with MTK Helio X20 world's first 10 nuclear processor, 2.3GHz frequency, running points more than 100,000 points. The world's first CDLA standard, original Type-C all-digital headset, makes music more pleasant. From 3G+32G, 5.5-inch InCell, 16M+8M, 0.09s, Full Netcom, 4G+, VoLET, Fingerprint, Borderless ID 3.0, Type-C fast charge.

The focus of the LeTV is the Lemax MAX2. The 5.7-inch Big Screen Leopard MAX2 is equipped with Xiaolong's 820, 2.2 GHz frequency. Jia Yueting said that LeTV will not choose the "Mandatory version" 820 processor, equipped with 6GB of memory and 64GB of storage, leading the double 6 era; Run points beyond 140,000, charge for 5 minutes, talk for 3.5 hours, support Type-C interface, 5.7 inches 2K super retina screen, VR perfect partner, screen PPI515; equipped with Sony IMX230 21 million pixels rear 6P camera, support OIS Optical image stabilization, phase focus, F2.0 aperture, laser focus, full support for CDLA audio standards, support for mobile networks in more than 200 countries worldwide, dual-band dual antenna, Fingerprint Recognition open fingerprint era 3.0 era - the world's first Ultrasonic metal fingerprint technology, all-round anti-jamming.

Le mobile phone music 2 configuration powerful, how much the price? Le 2 (3G+32G) is priced at 1,099 yuan; Le 2Pro (4G+32G) is priced at 1,499 yuan. Le Max2 (4G+32G) sells for 2099 yuan; Le Max2 (6G+64G) sells for 2499 yuan! In the era of ET, LeTV insisted on hardware negative pricing and used ecology to subsidize hardware. The appointment has been opened and officially launched at 10:00 on April 26. !

Aspect 8: The introduction of the automobile LeSEE: Driverless it did it

LeTV focused on this conference, in addition to mobile phones, of course, there are much anticipated LeTV, this time LeSEE (LeSport super car), 28 months of day and night struggle, numerous industry events, 833 items For applications related to electric vehicles, every step of LeSEE LeSEE is towards the transformation of the automobile industry. In terms of the socialization of the automobile ecology, the electric vehicle time-sharing leasing platform Zero Pai Lexiang and the car-to-car platform have been pre-positioned in advance.

LeSEE's first prototype concept car LeSEE debuted in the world: simple design, perfect body lines, cool large-size rims.

Live demonstration: driverless, automatic home, LeSEE super car really did:

Aspect analysis:

The music as "no crack no ecology" conference, in simple terms, released three new products: LeTV, LeTV and LeTV as well as a new standard: "CDLA" audio standard, these seemingly no contact with new products Since Letv Ecology has become very connected, it has to be said that the two UIs that Jia Jia stated at the press conference, EUI and other UI may not have been reached before, and may be achieved afterwards.

LeTV 4 X50/X50 pro, high configuration and low price, once again proved the ecological correctness of the hardware, this LeTV 414 hardware free daily sales of 2.32 billion, as Jia boss said, is unprecedented, believe this The success of the 414 will make many business people blind.

LeTV Mobile Music 2 was launched to demonstrate the correctness of the music ecology, the flagship configuration, the price of the killer, and instantaneously killing various friends and merchants. Negative interest pricing leads the ET era, and LeTV is taking this path.

LeSEE's stunning debut was not only the boss of Jia, and the whole audience was sensational. Before they only thought it was PPT. Later they really saw the real car, but they also truly realized the driverless, automatic positioning, as positioning as super high-end. The D-class Internet unmanned electric vehicle, LeSEE really did.

It has to be said that LeTV’s press conference has also subverted two new areas. First, the sound quality. First, the car. Regarding the sound quality, whether it is an enthusiast or an ordinary user, they all hope to pursue a higher level of sound quality and discover more and better. The music, and LeTV, did it after thinking of it, which undoubtedly promoted the speed with which this wish was achieved; while the car, which had not yet been thought of to be done in the entire industry, or did not dare to do it, LeEco did it. And at present, it seems that it is doing very well. Maybe there will be other products afterwards. However, as a pioneer, LeTV has already gone ahead. The real era of negative profits may be really coming.

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