Experts: Home Appliances Prices Are Up and Down

Recently, the energy-saving subsidy policy implemented in the field of home appliances has attracted the attention of consumers and public opinion. The focus of attention has been on whether policies can be effectively implemented and the interests of consumers can be effectively protected. On August 2, a Xinhua News report pointed out that the price of certain products had a phenomenon of “dark drop”. However, industry experts also pointed out that it is not possible to infer the price phenomenon as a simple policy factor, and the market has its own rules of objective operation.

The report pointed out that the prices of different batches of Casa Di refrigerators on the market were inconsistent, but the report did not say that this phenomenon of price inconsistency was directly related to the energy-saving subsidies policy, but some readers were prone to associate associations. It is reported that Haier Group propaganda responsible person did not deny the phenomenon of price inconsistency. However, the reason for this inconsistency is that the materials used in two different batches of products are different, and have nothing to do with the energy-saving subsidy policy. The responsible person stated that before and after the issuance of the energy-saving subsidy policy, the prices of some batches of products increased, but there were also many models whose prices fell. For example, the price of this type of refrigerator of Casa Di BCD-346WSL decreased after the implementation of energy-saving subsidies. About 8%. From this point of view, price increases and reductions have nothing to do with policy. Experts suggest that consumers should choose their products according to their actual needs, rather than completely based on prices.

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