"Double 姝" return - Cohen range hood C79, C89 Qi Li listed

In October 2012, Cohen Kitchen Appliances, which pursues the highest level of quality and elegance, continued to innovate on the basis of continuing high-tech and fashion design, and upgraded the original CXW-238-C29 and CXW-238-C66 to “Double”. "Series - CXW-238-C89, CXW-238-C79, both internal and external, to fully open the "net smoke" world synchronized with the world trend.

Technology, like the cornerstone of toughness, provides a stable support for the new round of skills explosion of Cohen kitchen appliances. In the era when the market is calling for new products and new technological innovations, the shocking listing of Cohen C79 and C89 can be described as the opposite. On the basis of the original appearance and performance of the original range hood, we will add new technologies and strive to bring new and personalized experiences to users with new functions and new features, and complete the upgrading of products.

Cohen's "double 姝" series is the same as the original one. The fuselage is made of oil-coated brushed 304 stainless steel. It is equipped with a black crystal operation panel. It is simple but not simple. The whole machine is stable and noble. Whether it is the outer cavity or the inner cavity, the whole stretch integrated molding technology is adopted, and there is no groove, no groove, no nail riveting, no seam, and the corner processing technology is skillful.

In the details, the "Double" series uses a new technology that is different from the original C29 and C66 range hoods, LED waterproof energy-saving lamps, oil and gas separation, support frame, snap-on oil cup, manhole and so on. Among them, the most noteworthy is that they have recently adopted low-energy, high-efficiency LED diode waterproof and energy-saving lamps, with IP67 waterproof and oil-proof grade, completely eliminating bulb damage caused by high temperature, oil, water vapor, and affecting the whole machine switch and The life of the computer board, the phenomenon that the lamp falls after being exposed to high temperature. LED waterproof energy-saving lamps can maintain the original light during long-term use, soft and not hot, let you really feel the exquisite craftsmanship in the details.

The unique application of the oil-electric separation technology completely isolates the electrical components from the fume passage, eliminates the soot pollution circuit, reduces the circuit failure, and makes the user safer and safer during use. The stable and durable body, the easy-to-clean oil net oil cup, and the easy-to-remove manhole are used to convey the humanized design principle of Cohen's “going to simplify”.

As the leader of the Chinese concept kitchen and the advocate of the Chinese concept hood, Cohen Kitchen Appliance has long been committed to the technological innovation and quality improvement of its products, and strives to provide consumers with safe, healthy and environmentally friendly kitchen appliances solutions.

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