Skyworth Innovations: Ecological Lies Buying Hardware to Send Content is the Right Way

On June 24th, a grand launch ceremony was held at the Communication University of China at the "Skyway Cup" China Good Idea and the 10th "National Digital Art Design Competition" co-sponsored by the China Electronics Video Industry Association of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Skyworth Group. The China Good Idea Contest has gone through 9 sessions. It has formed an intrinsic brand in domestic universities and has a wide range of social influence. There are thousands of famous universities in each competition and tens of thousands of students participate in the competition. A number of experts, professors and well-known scholars were invited to this event. Together with Skyworth and on-site teachers and students, they witnessed the opening of this creative contest.

At the launching ceremony, Peng Jin, Vice President of the Color TV Division of Skyworth Group, and General Manager of the China Regional Marketing Headquarters responded to the recent hot issues of "eco-marketing," "hardware fees, and free software" and boldly throw " Ecosphere is a beautiful lie, which has aroused widespread concern within and outside the industry.

Ecosphere is a beautiful lie

“Economy is a term of flicker. Some of our friends have used the term business ecosystem to kidnap users.” Peng Jin, Vice President of the Color TV Division of Skyworth Group and General Manager of the China Regional Marketing Headquarters interviewed reporters after the meeting. The ecology is "very irresponsible" to users.

Mr. Peng Jin, Vice President of Color TV Division of Skyworth Group and General Manager of China Regional Marketing Headquarters introduced Skyworth's philosophy
Peng Jin also told reporters that in the so-called ecological, so-called "hardware free" advocated by some enterprises, an annual fee of 499 yuan or 599 yuan, and then free TV, in fact, there is something in it, using ecological binding Users are tied up to death for 5 or 8 years. This is an extremely irresponsible attitude towards users.

This diametrically opposed speech came from Skyworth's innovative marketing concept. A few days ago, Skyworth and Tencent launched the “buy TV, free content delivery” campaign, targeting the “hardware free” model that LeTV proposed this year in the color TV industry. This gesture of positive confrontation comes from Skyworth's confidence that as a company that has been deeply cultivating technology and hardware for many years, it is already well-known throughout the industry and is ready to continue its efforts in the field of home appliances with OLED technology. Such self-confidence is not only the confidence in its own products and technology, but also the trust of its partners.

Students are seriously experiencing Skyworth technology products

At the same time, this high profile of Skyworth is also due to its sense of responsibility to the industry. According to industry experts, LeTV launched a "hardware free" model, which can drive payment habits by buying members and sending hardware. However, once this trend is created, it will cause harm to most of the hardware-based traditional color TV manufacturers. It can be said that Skyworth initiated "content free" and it was a Jedi counterattack.

Buy hardware to send content is the future?

Why buy hardware to send content is the "relaxation" of consumer TV? Mr. Peng Jin explained: “The content we send is currently the most recognized content, and it is clearly marked, free to send 2 years, the third year users feel good to renew their fees, feel bad, users have their own choice.”

Interview with Mr. Peng Jin, Vice President of Color TV Division of Skyworth Group and General Manager of China Regional Marketing Headquarters

For this issue, Skyworth's answer is obviously well prepared: Mr. Peng Jin said that the content must be attached to the hardware. For Skyworth, Skyworth is a hardware company and should focus on the hardware field to do a good job of technology and present it to consumers. The best product. The content should be given to a professional company. Therefore, Skyworth’s approach is to find companies with more users and content creation capabilities to collaborate and unite, rather than spend money to do a content, because neither LeTV nor Skyworth will produce content, and everyone is just a content porter. Only deepen their own fields, through cooperation to achieve a win-win situation, so as to avoid content is not done well, hardware is not made.

The start-up session has opened up and pushed the atmosphere of the launch ceremony to a high level

Skyworth firmly believes that the purchase of content delivery hardware is the industry's ultimate inversion, providing users with the best hardware products, as well as the option to provide the best content, this is the innovation path that Skyworth insists.

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