Millet box to quickly modify the default desktop tutorial

Prerequisite: You need to get ROOT permission. This self-finding tutorial or software, I used the NewKingroot software root to succeed. ROOT will lose the warranty, Xiaobai need to be cautious My equipment is millet box 3 enhanced version, system version v1.4.15 (stable version). In theory, the tutorial can be universal.
Stable and effective, look at another hot post with RE manager to modify more complicated, this is more convenient
This tutorial to modify the default desktop as "sofa desktop" as an example to talk about the advantages: After the successful modification of this tutorial, whether it is restart or boot device power, and press the "home key" will default to "sofa desktop", millet desktop The operation is cumbersome and needless to say, the two-page software of the first screen cannot be customized to change the position, and the third-party desktop is relatively easy to operate. No erratic effect on the equipment has yet been found.
And: open the software from the sofa tabletop no longer display advertising millet mall and then the disadvantages: sofa desktop does not millet's own "high-definition player" open the way, can only open the video software from the file management (effects with "HD player The same as ") or using third-party software, another boot is still there will be 10 seconds of advertising this need to continue to study how to disable.

Here are the steps:
1, need U disk, the "sofa desktop" and "lucky cracker (can be downloaded in the cool security market)" download, into the U disk.
2. Open the box settings and open the option to allow installation of unknown sources. In order to facilitate the operation, it is better to use the remote control on the mobile phone software 'Screenshot Artifact' to set the mouse mode to operate the following steps. Insert the U disk, install the two software inside, make sure to install the lucky cracker, then you will be prompted whether to give lucky cracker permissions, click "Yes". The prompt time limit is 30 seconds. The root software that can't operate too late can give the lucky cracker permission. 3, enter the lucky cracker, click on the "filter list" in the lower left corner, and then click on the "upper" in the upper right corner, select "system applications" --- click on the application.
4, then in the list to find "millet TV desktop" (see clearly), click to expand, see the expanded list of 'application information' - 'start the application' - 'crack menu' - 'toolbox' - 'unload application', etc. Wait, select "Toolbox" to open, select the first item "Disable Application (Freeze)" and freeze the "Tiny TV Desktop".
5, and then re-find the "millet TV desktop" in the list of lucky cracker, you will find the icon of the TV desktop of the millet becomes a key with a fork, then it has already succeeded.
6, long press the "shutdown" button, choose to restart the device, after restarting the default into the previously installed sofa desktop, and the end of the tutorial.
Here are some small details:
1, root should not be after the system update, you can install a sofa housekeeper, open the software in the toolbox - sofa butler set - super permission items to open permissions, then in the toolbox - self-start management "system update" disabled.
2, through the sofa desktop file management to open the video step for the set-device -----
3. When you want to restore Xiaomi's desktop, you can re-enable Xiaomi TV Desktop in Lucky Cracker.

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